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Contemporary Landscape Design to Stabilize Global Climate

Eco-LogicSImage - Permaculture: contemporary landscape design can stabilize global climate.M Permaculture and Landscape Design LLC is an award-winning company that has offered contemporary landscape design solutions for outdoor spaces in Oregon, Washington, California, New Mexico, and Arizona since 2004.  We utilize synergistic techniques that increase soil health, water purity, biodiversity, habitat, and beautiful flowers while helping to stabilize global climate.

Why Choose to Work With Us?

There are few landscape designers who professionally combine Landscape Architecture and Permaculture Design.  For over a decade, we have been sought out for our ability to creatively solve problems on sites of any size, from an urban lot to 55 rural acres.  If you are looking for contemporary landscape design solutions to issues like wind, shade, frost, drainage, erosion, damage, and more, look to us for a professional process that takes your property to the next level of beauty and performance.

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Enhance Quality of Living

Eco-Logic has been a certified contemporary landscape design Ecological Business since 2007.
We have been a certified Ecological Business since 2007.

Applied ecological design treats every property as a part of the larger landscape, integrating each space with its regional & cultural context.  This minimizes ecological impact while maximizing utility, aesthetic value, and quality of life for you.

Our award-winning designs bring the outdoors and indoors closer together. We use contemporary landscape design techniques, combining sensuous textures, sumptuous colors, rejuvenating sounds, fresh tastes, and delicious scents to create an enriched experience of the environment surrounding your home or business.  We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your outdoor space, and we expertly plan self-sustaining landscapes that harness and channel the flows of natural energy on-site.  With a Permaculture design, you will be able to hang your hammock, relax, and take in the delicious scents as you watch your gorgeous landscape manage its own growth towards maturity.

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High-Level Value + Availability

Rather than hand-drawn sketches that are difficult to read and don’t hold up in the field, our professional CAD plans offer you crisp graphics, precise scaling, and clear details.   Along with fully annotated drawings containing information about installation and maintenance as well as a detailed plant list, we also provide you with digital files that can be printed and shared with your builder, family, and friends when you choose.

Using up-to-date technology, Eco-LogicSM is able to work effectively with clients outside our home-base in Oregon. Multiple past contemporary landscape design projects include properties in New Mexico, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, and Portland, Oregon, to name a few.

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Permaculture has the power to stabilize global climate.

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