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Why Ecology Is Important

Ecology’s importance in relation to, well, everything, is obvious, and so what could there be to say?  I recall the many discussions I’ve shared with brilliant, creative friends wherein it was agreed that so-and-so prefers tarot cards while another dear soul doesn’t trust them and instead likes to write in a journal as a way of figuring out her life.  Multiple perspectives are important in every subject, just as diversity is the key to balance on a farm.

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20 Reasons Why I Went Vegan in 2010

I’d like to share with you some of the excellent reasons Veg For Life and Farm Sanctuary provided me with last year when I decided to stop eating meat and dairy.  Over a year later, I feel fine and still enjoy a range of physical ability, while my diet has expanded in yumminess.  (Note:  “yumminess” is a scientific word meaning “really tasty and interesting.”) Continue reading 20 Reasons Why I Went Vegan in 2010