Ever thought of the idea that you havImage: We The People still have power in America.e

power in America?  I know, I know, it’s a crazy thought.  We here in the land of the free get to shop a lot, and we can make relatively good money if we’re lucky, and we have the rights still to speak out on things our government or industry do that harm us, though we are told repeatedly by our own media that we don’t have this power or that using it doesn’t make any difference.  In fact, we are living in the country responsible for the majority of aggressive action against the very environment that sustains human life, our own world.

From factory farms allowed to bring illegal workers into the country and unregulated for how they treat food animals and pollute drinking water, to campaign finance standards without regulation that allow private interests to directly influence elected government officials’ decision-making, the U.S. sustains the problems truly responsible for the state of the ecological crisis.

Individuals are learning about ways to stand up in their own shoes and opt out of the mainstream madness that is American culture.  This week past Eco-Logic client Kim Smith shared her Permaculture project with OPB journalist David Miller on the show Think Out Loud.  A number of others doing projects in support of the Eco-Challenge contributed stories.  Listen HERE.

Anything you do as a property owner or renter makes a difference, despite the disempowerment and misinformation campaign being carried out by corporate U.S. media that tells us all we don’t have any power.  I’ve been observing natural resource flows from a Taoist and naturalist-mystic perspective for years, and it is clear to me that materials are fluid in the environment.  Millions of seemingly insignificant small blocks on private and business properties, such as curbs, concrete, and degraded or bare soil, act in concert on the macroscopic scale to powerfully affect the availability of nutrients, moisture, and food for thousands of organisms.  These creatures have vital jobs to do in the symphony of balance maintained by our planet, a natural system in the Cosmos.

Watch a short video taken from the field here:

Every Plant Counts

The more each person and family reaches out to cooperate with Nature, and the more that we share our stories with each other, the less we’ll all feel the corporate strangle hold on the resources we all need to survive.  There is a shift occurring right now.  Eco-Logic urges you to join in with simple action and be a part of the movement that is going to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.