Organizing computer files and bookmarks is like going down the rabbit hole of the Internet.Yikes, when did I forget completely about this pile of opportunities?  2007, it says here. Right.

Sometimes the random wave carries us to something worth doing right away, and it brings us into the moment.  Recently I was playing a game I like to call “Youtube DJ.”  I eventually stumbled upon a video with a name that meant nothing to me but that leapt out for some reason.  I usually go for these kinds of apparent tips from the Universe, as in my experience they seem to be signs pointing me in the direction of Spirit, the Way.  With so much consumer advertising in the every day visual landscape, extra-sensory glowing signs are a welcome wayfinding tool.

The video was interesting to me, snagging my ear bandwidth despite the 90 other tabs I had open and was trying to clear one-by-one in my browser.  Talk about busy!  I kept hunting for the video’s tab several score deep when the audio got my attention with snippets about proof for the Earth as a living organism, a clear discussion of the rights of Natural Persons, and Sanskrit creating harmonious patterns in light.

Here is the video and a link to Sanskrit audio for listening on the web.  I hope you enjoy what came up in the surf for me today.  😀

Watch Kymatica video

Listen to spoken Sanskrit

P.S.  I posted a special find in the comments for those of you who take the time to watch the video.  You’ll love it!