Portland landscapers have one thing in common:  they know how to portland royalty freedeal with a very wet winter and a very dry summer!  At least they should.  Here are key differences that you can look for before hitting the yellow pages that can tip you off about whom to contact about your exciting landscape project.

Before you even talk with a company representative, look over the company’s website for these three qualities.  These keys are sure to tell you how much each company cares about your experience, not just their bottom line.

  1. How thorough is the company’s description?  Does it allow you to clearly understand what their services are, how much those services cost, and what the process is?  A company that takes the time to share all of these basic details up front and in an organized manner shows healthy confidence and transparency.  Avoid companies that force you to contact them in order to get a price quote or clear breakdown of services offered.
  2. Does the company share reviews or link to online reviews posted by past clients?  Word of mouth referrals are one of the best ways to figure out whom to work with.  Cross-reference the company website with its Google Places page, where people who have experience dealing with the company can post comments and ratings without going through the company itself.  Also look for whether the company has posted responses to online reviews and how thoughtful they are with their answers to feedback or praise.  This is an indication of how they will treat you if you decide to become their client yourself.
  3. Can you easily contact the company to ask questions, and does someone answer your question thoroughly?  Watch out for representatives who respond to your questions without full answers or contact you in a pushy or aggressive way.  You want to look for a local company that demonstrates interest in you and your needs before boasting about their accomplishments.
  4. Does the company share information on their site for free, in the form of instructional articles or free downloads?  Offering help and information in this way demonstrates the company’s true passion for landscape design and an authentic desire to help people.  Hire the company that meets your needs best and isn’t afraid to share some of their knowledge with the online community.

These are four easy ways that you can make the most of your initial research into hiring a Portland landscaper if you live in the “puddle town.”  If you take a little time to look for these indicators of quality, consideration, and effort on the company’s part, you will save time later by finding the best match for your landscape project.