If the Universe is vibration, everything is waves.Image: good vibrations article
In an infinite Cosmic Ocean, we’re all riders. The physical reality reflects the emotional pattern. The rhythm of the heart guides and communicates, putting individual and collective patterns into the Unified Field and building the fabric of evolutionary consciousness.
As a mystic, I’ve seen it, a golden light web anchored by relationships forming the knots between strands. We are each one strand, a ribbon of light running through our bioenergetic physical-light structures.
In each of our lives, we experience the movement of other parts of this living matrix, as we ourselves move through the Universe in spirals often represented two-dimensionally as sine waves. As we all know in this life, the oscillation is real.
Surfing the crests of positive experience, we can drop, if we are not paying attention, into the troughs of negative thoughts and feelings. Yet when we stand back to consider the larger view, we can always rise again when our circumstances change, which they do in endless symphonic motion.
Some characters in our waking dreams jump off their boards and hang out in the troughs between the high places, letting the foamy crests crash over them. Perhaps the majority of us busy ourselves with the gleeful challenge of standing up and hanging on in order that we might let good times roll.
Folks hanging out in the low parts of the wave will always be a part of the One Verse, the great song of all life that is the Universe. For reasons particular to them, and probably fed by the Archon agenda to kill life on Planet Earth through mind control propaganda promoting separation from Nature, they scowl in the general direction of the rest of us.
But! If there weren’t trolls under bridges, what would be the difference in walking over rather than under? Negative people are opportunities to practice intentionally elevating our vibrational state. The client who doesn’t get it, the developer who cuts down trees to put in condos, the President admitting to climate change while approving oil drilling in the Arctic are all perhaps here to stimulate us toward solutions-thinking.
Patterns like these are infuriating, yet I wonder at their spiritual underpinnings; what might happen if we, instead of vilifying the people generating them and feeling hopeless because of it, rose up with individual and collective responses that build directly from their impacts on the world we share?
In my mind’s eye, this could look like a few key actions or activities we can each take that will both raise our own vibration and infuse the whole, i.e. global consciousness, with positive frequencies.
Each time we emit happy, hopeful, appreciative vibes we make it easier for others to switch tracks, too.
One effective response is to set up weekly or monthly letter-writing to elected officials on topics that most affect us. In my 25 years of corresponding with state and federal government, I have learned that every citizen letter is counted as 2,000 citizen voices, and that our Senators and Representatives are waiting in their offices to hear from us on all manner of topics on which they must decide. Otherwise, the corporate lobby, having been erroneously granted personhood, is their constant source of “constituent opinion.” The only guidelines for joining the conversation are to be respectful (Honorable Sen/Rep), share your true thoughts as if they count (I am concerned/this affects me), and include a call to action (I urge you to). You don’t have to have all the facts and can even request that the person you are writing to inform you further on the issue. The only form letter I got back in all the years I’ve been writing was from George W. Bush, but I expected that. Still, my letter had, legally, to be counted.
Another key action anyone can take is to plant habitat. Precious pollinators literally feed humankind, and eradication of plants these key insect species require to feed themselves are endangered and eradicated by large corporations operating without appropriate checks and balances. Regular citizens putting in Showy Milkweed across the nation have prevented the extinction of the Monarch Butterfly after Monsanto reduced its population by millions from Canada to Mexico in the last few years. Other important insect species include Hover Flies, Dragonflies, and Hummingbirds, among many others. As a Permaculture Designer for the past 11 years, I have found that including herbs and other flowering perennial plants in front and back yards stimulates incredible response in the insect kingdom. Daisies, Anise, Purple Angelica, Aster, Echinacea, Oregano, Thyme, and other similar plants provide food for beneficial insects, are easy to grow and maintain, and also give us gorgeous flowers.
In life, we all encounter people living in bummer land. But we can choose our response to this infusion in our daily tea. Instead of getting annoyed ourselves, and maybe complaining to coworkers or family, we can and need to take positive, inspired action to turn things around for everyone.
Jadene Mayla has served clients in Oregon, Washington, California, and other states since 2004 and has passed the city of Portland’s rigorous Eco-Biz program every year since 2007. Find more tips for taking positive action in your life and landscape at www.ecologiclandscape.com.