Raw Land As a Cash-Cow:  How to Make Extra Money at Home

If you’re not earning income from your property, you might be wasting its potential.  If you’re serious about learning how to make extra money at home, why not transform your landscape into a living ATM?

image: cash crops I’m talking about permaculture design.  Transforming your yard into a productive oasis is the most sustainable shortcut to long-term returns.  And in this post, I’ll teach you exactly how to do it.  If you’re unsure about transforming your existing property, what if I told you a permaculture master plan could save you money on materials and labor while offering you the potential of an income-generating cottage industry you can operate from home?

You’d probably tell me I’m crazy (I was also somewhat skeptical until two families in Oregon hired me to develop a master plan for a large acreage they purchased together.  That’s why I’m going to share this case study with you.  I’ll explain how a client interested in how to make extra money at home gained two businesses from one master plan.

How to Make Extra Money at Home With Two Businesses From One Master Plan

Here are the highlights of how my client succeeded with starting the two money-making projects so you can easily follow in their footsteps to achieve the same results.

  1. They researched viable cash crops before hiring a professional landscape designer.  This client expressed clear interest in Paulownia trees.  I was happy to develop the overall plan around their specific goal.
  2. Make time to work with the professional designer in siting and working through the details of their proposal.  I always hold working midpoint meetings for every master plan project, encouraging my clients to get in there with me to go through the elements of the design point by point.
  3. Express your goals in order of their priority so that the designer can work top down in allocating your available land to activities that are the most important to you.  This client also wanted to host permaculture design workshops on their property, so I developed camping, access, and teaching spaces into their plan from the start.

If you work closely with a competent and experienced designer and honestly share your image: how to make extra money at home with a landscape master plan.needs, you will be much more likely to arrive at a master plan that gives you your best solutions for how to make extra money at home.

Stay tuned for future installments discussing animals, specific plants, and natural resource utilization for your benefit.

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