Buried Treasure Found

Do you loveimage: buried treasure found stories of buried treasure found?  Most of us have at one point dwelt for a moment on how neat it would be to find a jar of gold coins buried on our property.  Before I was born, my dad did exactly that, at his parents’ Mount Tamalpias home.  Going back years later, he dug but could not find the jar of stored wealth.  Did someone else discover his stash?  Or did he simply forget where he had buried it?  Now it’s too late to find out, since there are new owners who probably don’t want holes or strangers in their yard.  But what if he had known what I’m about to tell you?  He could have avoided all that digging and the loss of some precious metal coins worth a lot more than their mint value today.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake, not that you necessarily would do what my dad did, but I’m excited to share with you my  method of getting a lot of money out of the ground your home sits on.


Buried Treasure Found In An Unexpected Place

This tale of buried treasure found may not be what you expected.  But it will reap great rewards to those ready for a different kind of adventure.  if you look up and down your block, chances are some of the homes surrounding yours are more well-appointed than others.

Sure, everyone has their own style and taste preferences, but that’s not all that’s going on.  If you look closely, you’ll begin to notice that the nicer homes often have better landscaping, too.  If you want to be a real sleuth and check the MLS for comps, you’ll see a correlation there as well.

The truth is, not one well-valued home you see has earned or will earn its full worth without one ingredient essential to striking gold:  healthy soil.  “Huh?”  you may be image: buried treasure found in rich soil?thinking.  But don’t laugh.  Soil health is the key to a healthy landscape, and the best landscapes are the key to adding a whopping 15% to the value of a property.

Why do you think one company calls its product “black gold,” and gardeners refer to “rich soil?”

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Some of the homeowners along your block no doubt have traditional lawns and other typical landscape plants in their front yards, and that is certainly better than the perennial raw dirt of my cousin’s neighbor half a block down.  The thing is though, these neighbors of yours are throwing needimage: buried treasure found and keeping up with the joneses.less money down the drain with their high-maintenance, high water use landscaping.  So even if they are getting more for their property when they eventually sell it, a good amount of profit was actually eaten up along the way in the cost of keeping up with the Joneses the traditional way.

What I’m about to show you is how you can have one of the best yards on the block (who are most of us kidding if we say we don’t care?) for far less cost and effort while still increasing your home value by thousands of dollars.

Here’s how this buried treasure found story plays out:  Let’s say you have a $400K home.  A great landscape increases that value by 15%, which is… $60K.

A $500K home would grow by $75K.

A $600K home would increase in value by $90K.

You get the idea.

The Leak Stealing All That Profit

This isn’t chump change, but it is getting closer to that buried treasure I started out telling you my dad misplaced in his wiley youth.  Just think of what you could do with an extra $60k, $75K, or $90K!  The point is, it is important to pocket it all and not fritter it away on unnecessary expenditures.

Traditional lawns guzzle expensive resources.  Water bills skyrocket during increasingly hot summers, and fertilizer and pesticide applications are not only expensive but toxic to wildlife, pets, kids, and the water we drink and fish in.

And that’s just the material and financial inputs.  We haven’t image: buried treasure found may be time with family.factored in the time it takes to mow and weed a traditional high maintenance landscape.  Time you could be spending eating or watching a good movie with your family.  When you really stop to think about how much waste and effort it takes to achieve the look most homeowners unwittingly go for, why not go in a far more sustainable direction that saves you on cost and time?

Sustainable Value

I’ve got a better solution that:

  • saves you money on your water and fuel bills
  • eliminates chemicals from your yard
  • reduces the amount of time you need to spend maintaining it or the cost of paying someone else to
  • supports native wildlife and other important species like bees
  • boosts flower production and overall plant health
  • purifies water, and
  • builds super-rich soil, which means
  • you get to keep much more of that extra $60-$90K I mentioned earlier

How much more?  Well, a sustainably landscaped $500,000 property can return $575,000 minus only a fraction of the standard costs most people are paying for maintenance and other inputs.

image: keep much more of your ROI with permaculture designI hope you can start to see the potential savings and income for a family selling their home or just building the most equity possible. Improving your land is one of the best opportunities to increase your property value out there.  And a plan focused on building healthy soil is at the root of keeping more of that buried treasure found.

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