Asclepias speciosa (Showy Milkweed)
The Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) was once a widespread species of precious pollinator - famous for its migration from Canada to Mexico where visitors flocked to see them in the hundreds of millions. But since Monsanto's RoundUp entered the landscape, populations have plummeted to only 20% - globally.  A national movement to save this beautiful creature is underway - you can help by planting plants that attract butterflies in los angeles.  This specific species of Milkweed, which Monarchs needs in their larval form, can't be replaced by other Milkweeds, so be sure to read nursery labels carefully.




Brassica oleracea botrytis aparagoides (Nine-Star Perennial Broccoli)

As far as plants that attract butterflies in los angeles, this uncommon plant is perhaps so because not many people realize they can grow perennial vegetables in their gardens.  One of the many ways we save our clients money is teaching them about plants like this, so they don't have to buy new plants every year and invest the time to put them in the ground.  This nutritious vegetable is also pollinated by honey and native bees, making it a multi-purpose plant.


Malus sylvestris domestica 'Anna' (Low-Chill Green Apple)

Butterflies need shelter from the wind as well as nectar and larval food plants.  Our picks for plants that attract butterflies in los angeles therefore include this apple tree which grows well in warm climates like ours.  Offering crisp, pale green fruits with a red blush, this variety is also attractive to pollinator insects like butterflies and bees.  Planting this particular species will benefit you, your property's beauty, and local wildlife.  It is self-fertile, so you don't need to plant more than one, but you'll get more apples if you put flowering ground covers under it.

Permaculture Design for L.A. Yards

Permaculture is a very effective regenerative design system, setting up a self-sustaining landscape. You'll see your water and maintenance bills go way down as well as the temperature around your house.  Learn more HERE.

Lawn replacement

Most residents of Los Angeles county don't realize that they can have a living grass lawn they don't have to mow or water.  We provide ecological lawns for our clients or replace their existing high-water, high-cost invasive chemlawn with low-maintenance perennial plantings.  The latter option gets you $2/sf back from the county's rebate program.  Both eliminate toxic chemicals dangerous to butterflies.

Ecology in L.A. Classes

We offer several workshops and courses you can take online or locally.  Learn how to create habitat and restore your property's health and function while saving a lot of money you currently spend on maintenance, watering, fertilizers, and amendments.

image: plants that attract butterflies in Los Angeles

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