Did you know that wild creatures perform what are called ‘ecosystem services’ and that if you provide habitat for beneficial wildlife they can help you reduce your maintenance and utility costs while increasing your property value?

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It’s easy to lower your landscape maintenance bills by attracting beneficial wildlife. You can use permaculture to create a low-cost, food-producing oasis in your yard.

All the high-cost, heavy maintenance methods in mainstream use are unnecessary. Work with nature and she will reward you with not only lowered bills but also significant increases in your property’s value. It’s a matter of creating habitat for wild creatures who will in turn benefit your property with their natural activities.

Contrary to traditional us-against-nature thinking, cooperating makes for a win-win!

Besides, who doesn’t love a pretty birdsong nearby, heralding a good day ahead? Or the delight of witnessing a butterfly visit your yard? The truth is, these beautiful creatures need home- and business-owners to survive. Big industry practices of land management are decimating habitats. Missing from such practices is the stark fact that beneficial wildlife pollinates our food supply, helps filter our drinking water, and provides us with a host of other ecosystem services.

If you’d like to build a mutually-beneficial relationship with wildlife, try permaculture on your property. Did you know that Eco-Logic has been providing clients with beautiful multi-functional outdoor living spaces that attract beneficial wildlife since 2004?

image: attract beneficial wildlfie