Tree Removal Service for a 75 Year-Old Stunner

image: tree removal service for canary island pineA former client of ours recently took advantage of our complimentary email Q&A following completion of her permaculture master plan.  Her neighbors felt a little afraid that the tree might fall on them in high winds.  The previous week had presented us all with several days and nights of windy weather, and one of the Pine’s limbs had broken in the storm.  The tree removal service for trimming hadn’t shown up for the appointment she had made prior to contacting me.  As with most things, the unintended pause allowed her intuition an opportunity to breathe.  She was able to voice her suspicions that the missed appointment had happened for a reason, maybe that the tree should not be taken down.

Tree Removal Service for Trees That Don’t Need Removing

Indeed, the missed connection with the tree removal service for her Pine gave her time to do some research into the species.  She found out that Canary Island Pines are built for wind and self-prune when necessary.  I had advised her that the head arborist for Los Angeles County and I had spoken about a blight of severe over-pruning.  The county hasn’t caught the company reducing tree canopies by 75%.  The illegal and dangerous operation is topping trees as well as removing most of the limbs.  Trees look like ugly sticks after the operation.

I let my former client know about how home- and business-owners using the rogue company are afraid to reveal the company’s name for fear of getting in trouble.  The county arborist confirmed that the company, not its customers, are the ones liable for the damage.  Her situation reminded me of this frightening saga threatening our urban canopy.

My former client also found in her research that hiring a tree removal service for pruning is in fact wounding the tree, which in turn opens it to attack by beetles.  All this because she was given a moment in the rush to “fix” a perceived problem.  A problem promulgated by companies without proper training and knowledge but a strong motivation to create recurring streams of income from innocent home- and business-owners.

Do You Need A Tree Removal Service for Your Tree?

The tree stands tall in a neighborhood blasted with glaring sun.  It’s one of the healthiest pine trees I’ve seen in Southern California.  The wind whistles and whispers through it beautiful needles, and birdsong emanates from its shady branches as if the tree were a radio tower broadcasting great music.

What I learned from being there for a former client is that every one of us can build our intuitive power, that the Divine steps in when we are receptive or when there is something of value at stake, and that together we can stand up against the destructive misinformation and profit-driven destruction of our local landscape.

What my former client learned from this experience is that her deep feelings for a tree meant something, that they were guide posts along her path, there to alert her.  She was able to save an important member of Los Angeles County’s urban tree canopy and move ahead with confidence in avoiding a tree removal service for a pine that didn’t need to be cut down.

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