Health and Wellness Tips for the COVID-19 Panic

As we all grapple with the changes brought to our world by the COVID-19 panic, I was inspired by something I saw this morning to offer some natural health and wellness tips, as well as the dose of joy and empowerment that permaculture has to offer all of us.
While even most hiking trails are now closed, many citizens are still able to take daily walks.  I hope you’re taking some time each day to breathe in the delights of Spring and enjoy what sounds like heightened birdsong in the absence of normal levels of motorized human activity.
This morning on my walk up to a 180 year-old Deodar Cedar tree, which just happens to have a perfect chair shape just up from its base,  I found this lovely scene:

These folks were sharing the bounty of their yard with neighbors and offering a friendly reminder of the immune-boosting benefits of Vitamin C.  While the corporate media continually reminds us to panic, other perspectives find expression in alternative sources of information.  Unplugging from the mainstream negative news, I have been inspired by the confirmation that a healthy immune system is good protection against contracting this latest COVID as well as the seasonal flu responsible for 290,000 to 650,000 deaths around the world on an annual basis.
As we carry out our personal and family wellness plans, heeding the advice of hand-washing, disinfecting surfaces, and keeping a safe distance from one another while we look for a vaccine, we can keep our diet filled with fresh, living foods to increase our chances of staying healthy.

Nature’s Health and Wellness Tips

When it comes to offering health and wellness tips, Nature should be our go-to encyclopedia.  Growing edible plants on your property is a smart way to plan for any eventuality, and it establishes sustainable food security for you and your family.  From fruit trees to perennial herbs and vegetables to berry bushes and fruiting vines, an edible landscape provides healthy food in times of supply chain scarcity as well as Nature’s immune-boosters at our fingertips.  In permaculture, we can layer in animals, water capture and storage, soil regeneration, wildlife and pollinator habitat, and recreational elements such as a swimming pond or firepit seating area.  Balancing features in a cohesive master plan is our specialty.  We combine landscape architecture and permaculture in order to seamlessly weave outdoor living with a landscape you can eat and that increases your property’s value while lowering your bills. Get a master plan for transforming your property into an oasis of food and water resilience HERE.
This morning on my walk I didn’t partake of my neighbors’ offering because I’d already juiced 2 sweet-tart oranges from the tree in my back yard, and I wanted there to be enough for those without such trees at home should they wander along the same route as me.  But it sure was great to see this little sun spot and that this look at health and wellness tips from a permaculture perspective brightens your outlook during these incredible times.
🙂 Jadene
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