Pasadena Water Bills Don’t Need to Be High

Pasadena water bills don’t need to be as high as residents might think.  Most people want a nice-looking front yard, which boosts perceived property value.  But you do not have to use a lot of water to have a green, beautiful landscape.  Permaculture allows any home owner to pay less in water bills by needing less water.  This doesn’t mean that your yard has to be filled with cactus or rocks.  You can have pretty flowering plants and trees.  In fact, your neighbors won’t believe you’re saving more on water than them.

One of our recent clients near Pasadena told us that they used to have the least attractive front yard on their block, but after working with us to lower their water bill, their neighbors told them their yard was now the most beautiful one on the block.

Pasadena Water Use Goes Down With Permaculture

Permaculture is proven to be able to restore any type of landscape to its functional capacity.  What does this mean?  It means that a healthy landscape can survive with less inputs.  It means a restored landscape can withstand drought better.  It means your pasadena water usage will go down, while your landscape looks better than it does now.

image: pasadena water

While this might sound like hyperbole, it’s the simple truth.  To illustrate how permaculture can lower pasadena water costs, consider how it was used to transform areas of the Sahara Desert into food-producing orchards.  Within a very short time after applying permaculture, the most desertified region of the world turned into a healthy ecosystem.  Sand turned into rich soil, beneficial soil organisms appeared, and trees produced fruit.  If this ecological design system can create such wonders in Africa, it can do the same for your property.

If you live in pasadena, water is in high demand.  The local climate requires traditional landscape irrigation.  The beautiful thing Eco-Logic brings to this issue is landscape design that looks presentable while restoring the land to a healthy and productive state.  The truth is you don’t need to use a ton of water in order to have a nice-looking landscape.

To learn how you can lower your water usage and monthly bill, schedule a free strategy session with us.  We’ll tell you how we recommend approaching your unique situation and answer all your questions before you hire us.