Grow A Permaculture Food Forest Garden

With the global pandemic scare given renewed energy by the mainstream media and the year we all just had, the availability of food and water is of concern.  If you are image: permaculture food forest gardenwondering if store shelves will be sold out again like when all this started, growing a permaculture food forest garden assures you an abundance of low-maintenance, nutrient-rich, high water-content food.

Not only does a food forest feed you in times of food scarcity or emergency, but if done right it will heal the landscape around your home or in your neighborhood.  That means the land itself can recover from degradation.  Most landscapes are degraded.  We’ve grown used to the English chem lawn with a few shrubs or trees thrown in to flip a house.  But this leaves out essential ecosystem components, keeping your property under-performing.

Why depend on food delivered in trucks when you could grow your own?

Permaculture Food Forest Garden Abundance On A Budget

Did you know that permaculture lowers your costs?  It’s true.  By restoring your yard’s natural ability to maintain itself, you spend less on maintenance costs.  Most maintenance is degenerative, meaning that it lowers the resilience and health of a landscape over time.  If you pay close attention to what a crew does and doesn’t do when they visit, you’ll see what I mean.  Degenerative maintenance is a major problem based in a lack of landscape education in the industry.

Permaculture, on the other hand, allows your landscape to maintain itself.  To learn more or get a permaculture plan for transforming your property into a permaculture food forest garden, click here.

When you work with Nature, as permaculture is so good at doing, your landscape feeds you, the soil holds precious moisture, plants flower and fruit more abundantly, and you save money.  It is all-around one of the best investments you can make, no matter the state of the world outside your front door.