A Victory Garden Plan Based On Permaculture

The crises of 2020 are nothing compared to what many professional, intelligent, upstanding people are saying is coming.  From remote viewing masters to lawyers-turned-agriculturists, I’ve watched a number of interviews and exposes that left me with the urgent desire to share what I know about edible landscaping and food sustainability more than ever.  The answer, I think, is a victory garden plan that tells people step by step what to do to create their own survival food garden.

The term victory garden came into use in 1917, right before World War I started.  People realized at that time the critical importance of having the ability to procure fresh produce.  Rationing of food isn’t a long way off today.  As billionaire globalists like Bill Gates, who now owns more farmland than anyone else in the United States, seize greater and greater control over every aspect of life under the clever guise of a pandemic,* those who have been paying attention recognize history repeating itself and getting worse.

Now I don’t mean to frighten you.  And I encourage you to look up the globalist plan called The Great Reset, Agenda 2030, etc, to confirm for yourself what I’m talking

image: victory garden plan
“Plant a Victory Garden” WWII poster.
(U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, 513818/U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, 513818/U.S. National Archives and Records Administration)

about.  It can never hurt to be prepared, as the incredible ice storm in Texas has just proved.  Grocery stores emptied as trucks were unable to reach stores with fresh produce and other needed supplies.  A lifelong trucker who called in to a popular talk radio program last night informed listeners that trucking companies are having a difficult time finding employees to drive their trucks.  I write about food in trucks and more in my forthcoming book, Zombie Permaculture:  How Thick Will Your Mulch Be When the Hordes Descend?

Last evening I harvested a sizable portion of fresh peas from my organic garden and ate them raw.  Their delicate sweetness and bright crunch was a true delight.  I don’t even buy peas from organic stores, because they taste flat and feel limp.  The delight and flavor of homegrown produce is just part of the value of growing your own.  Nutrition in fresh-picked food is significantly higher, as the foods are not picked before maturity to be ripened in trucks or doused with chemicals.

Have A Victory Garden Plan

Why just go the traditional route though?  A permaculture food forest is truly the way to maximize your harvest for years to come with far less work and more abundant produce.  Make a plan and stick to it is the old adage, but there is a lot to be said for having the right plan to follow.  If you would like a professionally-designed permaculture plan for ensuring your food supply through the next crisis or shortage, contact me for a free strategy session.


image: victory garden plan