Texas Permaculture – Will It Work?

image: Texas permacultureIn the state of Texas permaculture works just as well if not better than in other states.  Like our clients in California, Oregon, New Jersey, North Carolina, Washington, Nevada, and more, Texas land and home owners are a diverse group of individuals.  The climate of the state of Texas varies quite a bit from the humid coast and eastern half of the state to the desert of the far wild west.

This diversity represents an opportunity.  Let’s take the west Texas desert, for instance.  In this part of Texas the principles of permaculture can be applied to make soil fertile for growing fruit trees and edible perennials and shrubs.  Permaculture can also be applied to infuse the soil subsurface of the desert bentonite-rich soil there with water.  Permaculture works despite the tendency of soil in that particular part of Texas to shed water overland and be quite dry most of the year.

In Texas, Permaculture Can Increase Land Owner Profits

Applying principles use in this design discipline, land owners can boost productivity of their land-based business.  Productive land is true wealth.  It isn’t called real estate for nothing.  Getting unproductive or degraded land into optimal functioning shape so that it produces the maximum profits is very doable when permaculture is utilized.  It can restore pretty much any landscape in any condition.

There are different regional and microclimates across this large land mass.  Therefore, the techniques will change depending on where in Texas you own your property, but the strategies are similar.  If this transformative technology can reclaim the Sahara Desert, then it can do wonders for any other type of landscape.

The best way to implement permaculture in any landscape is to have a plan.  A plan is a tool that allows property owners to execute all of the various elements and techniques in a structured and ordered way that minimizes costs and maximizes success, while allowing for paced implementation over time.

To learn more or get a professional permaculture plan for any property, reach out to us.