Why Permaculture In Austin?

There are too many reasons to invest in permaculture to list in one article, so suffice it to say that NOT including image: austin permaculturepermaculture will leave you paying more for less and missing out on amazing opportunities in the long run.  Austin is a hot spot for short-term rentals, and so homeowners and hosts alike can incorporate this powerful form of sustainable landscape design into properties to maximize resale and perceived value.  You can charge more because of perceived value, whether you are selling or renting.  To see a breakdown of my calculations that show you how much you can earn when you sell a property, get my free report HERE.

Permaculture was developed in Australia and can deftly regenerate deserts into food forests.  I relocated in 2022 from Southern California to West Texas in order to put it to work in a true desert landscape.  While Austin has a more humid atmosphere and abundant water, permaculture can still have a surprising effect there.

In addition to raising your property’s value (to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars), it can also lower your power as well as water bills.

How Can Permaculture Lower Your Austin Power Bill?

With the application of certain techniques and strategies, a home or rental property can be coaxed into needing less A/C in the summer and heat in the winter.  It’s part of the benefit of working with a professional landscape design firm when planning, renovating, or selling real estate.

Attractive and sustainable aren’t often both included if you offer outdoor space for your BnB guests.  My specialty has been combining landscape architecture with permaculture design since 2004.  I’ve helped clients with this unique combination of skills and training as far away as North Carolina, Las Vegas, New Jersey, California, Oregon, Washington, and more.  Location isn’t the limiting factor.  Neither is climate.  While each property, no matter where it is located, has its challenges, usually I find these can be transformed into win-wins for owner and land alike.

Now that you know you can both raise property value and lower expenses while simultaneously beautifying and making your property much more sustainable, what are you waiting for?  Try permaculture!

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