Oregon Permaculture: Challenges and Opportunities

Do you want to engage permaculture on your property in Oregon?  If so, it helps to understand the unique challenges and image: Oregon permacultureopportunities you have in this green state.  Permaculture was developed by an Australian, so it is uniquely capable of healing desertified lands.  However, with the amount of storm water many parts of your state receive, you can make the best of what this powerful discipline has to offer.

Challenges for Oregon Properties

One of the biggest hurdles my clients face is the abundance of water.  Combine that with colder temperatures during the winter season and you can get frost pockets.  A frost pocket is a patch where the ground is frozen or covered in frost for longer periods, making it tough to grow plants there.  Another aspect to this combination of seasonal conditions for Oregonians is drainage issues.  This is likely familiar to you as you read this, because it is a common issue.  If you’re new to the state or have just purchased property, this happens when soil is either slow-draining, high clay content, or the grade of your yard does not support good drainage.

Luckily, these issues can easily be solved by the application of permaculture principles.

Opportunities for Oregon Properties

Because many parts of Oregon receive a large amount of water in the form of precipitation, land and homeowners can make it work for rather than against them.  In dry climates, the solution is usually the opposite; but here the idea is to get the water away in a safe manner.  I don’t mean to get rid of the water necessarily, but allowing storm water to collect on-site without a plan can not only be dangerous, it can also be a pain.

If you can learn to transform challenges unique to your climate region into opportunities by working with what you have, you can come out on top.  To get a professional plan for your site that takes into account your unique situation and turns the challenges your property presents into cost-saving, income-producing opportunities you probably didn’t know were available to you, schedule a FREE coaching call with Eco-Logic today!