Question: What Is Permaculture Farming?

It’s an unusual term, so I wanted to answer the question, what is permaculture farming?  Farming is pretty self-explanatory.  But how does the application of permaculture change farming exactly?  In this article I give my take on the combination of these two industries.

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Permaculture is a design system that empowers us to cooperate with Nature in ways that deliver powerful results we couldn’t otherwise achieve.  It has been demonstrated in the most extreme climate and region on Earth, the Sahara Desert, and it works in any other place!  Used in farming, permaculture radically improves soil health, restores vital habitat, attracts abundant wildlife that benefit your garden, yard, or acreage, filters and conserves water, replenishes underground aquifers, reverses desertification, increases food diversity, reduces costs, raises property value, and more.

Applying permaculture to your farm project is frankly a no-brainer.  Commercial agriculture is known to be damaging, and the term ‘degenerative’ has begun to come into use to describe practices of land use that do not take ecosystem health into account.

What is Permaculture Farming then?  It is farming with rather than against the natural patterns and systems given to us by our planet.  Permaculture offers us a set of principles that can be applied to any landscape project.  Most people I’ve spoken to about it, however, have told me that they have trouble applying the information.  They spend money on books or even design courses, yet they don’t feel confident enough or know where to begin.  That’s why I created the Food Forest Mastery course, to give permaculture enthusiasts my step-by-step process.  With it anyone can create their own permaculture food forest – an excellent way to combine permaculture with farming.  I eliminated the worry people have told me they felt about making expensive mistakes, too.  So students can achieve food independence.  And the other big thing I heard when I asked people trying to answer the question what is permaculture farming and how do you apply it to your project is the strong desire to inspire communities to be more sustainable.  So I built that into my course too.  If you’re interested in learning my effective, powerful system, which I developed over 17 years as a professional permaculture designer, you can learn more or register HERE.

I hope this article helps you understand more about what the combination of farming and permaculture can do and how you might apply it to your property or project.  If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me via my contact form.