In Texas Xeriscape Designs Can Be Lush As Well As Water Conscious

By far, most people tend to believe that in states like Texas xeriscape designs have to be dry-looking, mostly empty, and contain only cacti and gravel.  But this is due to a misunderstanding.  Xeriscaping is landscaping with less water, which in states with arid landscapes is an eco-conscious approach to take when redoing an existing landscape or developing a new property.

image: Texas xeriscaping designsMany deserts are actually desertified rather than natural.  The Chihuahua Desert, for example, was not too long ago a forested grassland; then mismanagement deforested the region and pulled up grass plants by the roots.  The area actually gets a large amount of water in the form of precipitation.  In the winter of 2022-2023, for example, an ice storm held millions of gallons of water in suspension for several days before it melted, giving it ample time to soak into the ground afterward.

Texas Xeriscape Designs That Match Nature

The issue is often degradation of natural landscape function, which frequently causes erosion and prevents infiltration of water back into underground aquifers.  The Big Bend region of west Texas has a varied hydrogeology, so that one land owner can dig down twelve feet for a well while her neighbor might have to go three hundred feet.  Despite this, precipitation can be captured and coaxed back into the soil instead of allowed to wash away.

In keeping with the land’s natural heritage, Texas xeriscape designs can be much more rich and lush looking than image: lush Texas xeriscaping designsthe common gravel and cacti most people think of when they hear the term xeriscaping.  This can look a lot of different ways, too.  My goal as a designer providing this type of planning for a land or home owner is to restore their patch of desert to its natural state.  Of course a plan can also include food plants and other elements that aren’t native to the area, but if natural heritage or restoration is important for a project, it can be done easily using permaculture, too.

If you’re interested in Texas xeriscape designs that mimic the state’s natural plant communities and want a much more interesting and ecologically functional (truly green) landscape, I offer two FREE consultation calls as well as a complimentary strategy with my estimates for new projects.  Sign up HERE to tell me about your goals and situation.