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DIY Permaculture Project

A Client Install

This recent client shared photos of their installation and told me they loved doing the work themselves.  They also said that their neighbors were very pleased and interested.  These homeowners are thrilled to be able to share what they learned to inspire others to use permaculture.

Here is a video of their process.

To learn more about getting a plan that you can install yourself and make adjustments to while you work, start HERE.

image: food forest mastery
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NEW! Food Forest Mastery mini course


Grow A Food Forest

If you’ve been paying attention these last few years, you’ve probably noticed a few alarming developments.  From inflation to millions of undocumented persons flooding across our southern border to the globalist ‘elite’ plan to take control of the world’s food supply, the U.S.A. is heading down an unsavory path.  Essentially, yesterday was a great time to start using permaculture.

Luckily, you can still take targeted, strategic action to secure your family’s access to fresh food, no matter what the nutjob elitists try to do.  A permaculture food forest is perfect for DIY implementation if you’re:

  • overwhelmed by the amount of info out there on the subject
  • don’t want to change careers to become a designer
  • or simply desire to get some roots in the ground as soon as possible.

Like I said, yesterday was the ideal time to get started on this.  At least you can begin before the store shelves empty again or plants and seeds become scarce or too expensive.

I know this all sounds dire, but trust me; I have been paying keen attention, and it’s simply the fact of the matter today.  If you want to survive what is in progress as I write this, you will need to take steps now to grow our own food, cache storm water, build soil, attract and feed precious pollinators, become more interdependent with your neighbors, earn an income at least partially from your home or yard, and establish or fortify shelter from the elements and intruders.


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Get A Victory Garden Plan

A Victory Garden Plan Based On Permaculture

The crises of 2020 are nothing compared to what many professional, intelligent, upstanding people are saying is coming.  From remote viewing masters to lawyers-turned-agriculturists, I’ve watched a number of interviews and exposes that left me with the urgent desire to share what I know about edible landscaping and food sustainability more than ever.  The answer, I think, is a victory garden plan that tells people step by step what to do to create their own survival food garden.

The term victory garden came into use in 1917, right before World War I started.  People realized at that time the critical importance of having the ability to procure fresh produce.  Rationing of food isn’t a long way off today.  As billionaire globalists like Bill Gates, who now owns more farmland than anyone else in the United States, seize greater and greater control over every aspect of life under the clever guise of a pandemic,* those who have been paying attention recognize history repeating itself and getting worse.


image: storm water solutions
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Storm Water Solutions for Dry Urban Areas

Storm Water Solutions to Drought

I’ll bet you never think about storm water solutions when walking in your neighorhood.  You may have noticed your local landscape seems stressed out by drought.  A walk can tell you a lot about the outside factors affecting your property.  Working with permaculture is one of the most effective ways to restore soil, increase plant health, add shade, and attract beneficial wildlife.  You can also lower your water and power bills by choosing permaculture instead of traditional landscaping.  But did you know permaculture reverses drought?

You’ll notice when you walk through your neighborhood that some yards are green and lush while others look tired and dry.  Of course some families irrigate and others try to save on their water bill by letting their lawns go brown in the summer.  But there is a lot more happening in the majority of urban and suburban yards than might be obvious at first glance.  Most families don’t realize that they can lower their water bills with a few simple techniques.


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Conservation of Land Through Eco-Restoration

The Conservation of Land

The focus of my professional practice is the conservation of land.  I am here to restore it wherever I can.  I know in my bones that the earth posesses a highly evolved capacity to heal.  The degradation of the American landscape is easily reversible, yet  uneducated maintenance costs the homeowner and pushes the land toward entropy.

When I use permaculture to halt this destruction and restore the natural ecological evolution of a property, the homeowner stops needing maintenance, their power bill goes down, and they use less water.  I am serious about creating self-maintaining natural systems that sustain diverse forms of life.  Permaculture allows me to mimic those found in Nature, and the results are quick.

In light of ongoing rampant environmental destruction around the globe as well as destructive development and maintenance practices, I developed the following resources to help those interested in restoration ecology get a jump-start on their projects.


image: tree removal service for canary island pine
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Tree Removal Service For A Canary Island Pine

Tree Removal Service for a 75 Year-Old Stunner

image: tree removal service for canary island pineA former client of ours recently took advantage of our complimentary email Q&A following completion of her permaculture master plan.  Her neighbors felt a little afraid that the tree might fall on them in high winds.  The previous week had presented us all with several days and nights of windy weather, and one of the Pine’s limbs had broken in the storm.  The tree removal service for trimming hadn’t shown up for the appointment she had made prior to contacting me.  As with most things, the unintended pause allowed her intuition an opportunity to breathe.  She was able to voice her suspicions that the missed appointment had happened for a reason, maybe that the tree should not be taken down.

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Create Green Infrastructure With This Information Sheet

What is Green Infrastructure?

I recently considered how many people have told me they don't know what restorative design really means.  I spend a image: what is green infrastructuregood deal of time answering questions like, "what is green infrastructure," "is a swale paved," and that kind of thing.  And these questions don't only come from my clients.  I've found that a lot of builders aren't familiar with ecology.  They install jobs according to 'traditional' methods.