Affordable Landscaping Options: Do you need a Master or DIY Plan?

Have you ever had a plant that won't respond to being watered or doesn't produce many berries or flowers?  Is water puddling in a corner of your back yard?  You might not know that there are affordable landscaping solutions to problems like these.  Maybe you feel overwhelmed when you try to think about how to fix all these issues.  Wouldn't you rather be able to just relax in your yard after work and on weekends, not have to worry about nagging repair jobs or yard work?  If you don't have the time or don't know where to begin, we can help.

Our two main plan types are much more than aesthetic landscape plans.  Our specialty is providing affordable landscaping options for elegantly resolving all your landscape's problems.  You get a professional plan you can elect to build in one season or phase in over time.  It's up to you.  Choose the plan type that's right for your property and budget.  All packages include supporting information, like recommended steps of phasing in your project, and each considers layers of information to harmonize the landscape and guide the construction process smoothly to completion.

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Permaculture Master Plan

Imagine a Landscape that Takes Care of Itself.

This plan type provides you with an ecologically-focused yet aesthetically pleasing master plan.  Included are: Questionnaire & Walk-Through, Site Survey & Base Map, Large-Scale CAD PDF with Plant List, Initial, Midpoint, and Final Presentation Meetings.  Construction Management available.  Click here for in-depth information.  What sets this plan type apart is three main things:

  • Measured to-scale – all you or the builder needs is an architect’s or engineer’s ruler to precisely place every element.
  • Individual plant placement – every plan on the plan is placed where it should go and shows the mature width of individual species.
  • More work on our part – if you want a done-for-you plan and don’t want room to color within the lines a bit, this plan spells everything out.
image: Permaculture Master Plan


DIY Permaculture Plan

An Ecological Plan for Smaller Budgets

An affordable landscaping option that delivers ecological planning perfect for if you would like to have your gardener install for you, or if you are working with a smaller budget.  Included are: Questionnaire & Walk-Through or Base-Mapping Guide,  Medium Sized PDF Plan with Plant List, Initial and Presentation Meeting.  Construction Management available for installation oversight.

What differentiates this plan type are three main things:

  • Not measured to-scale – you or your builder can be creative, ‘coloring within the lines’ set by your professional designer.
  • Looser plant placement – areas of the plan are hatched with a pattern tied to a keyed plant list from which to make your selections at the nursery.
  • A little more work on your part – if you want a plan that spells out most things but leaves it up to you which species to choose from specified lists.
Image: DIY Permaculture Plan


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