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Highly Sought Out Architectural Landscape Design

It was really my clients who showed me the niche I fill in the landscape design industry.  Since 2004, people from New Mexico to Florida reached out to me over and over after their online research led them to me.  I wasn’t advertising, just writing a blog on my website.  image: architectural landscape designPeople were looking at companies on the Internet but hadn’t found anyone doing what I do:  architectural landscape design with an ecological focus.  When I started Eco-LogicSM, I knew I wanted to specialize in the professional combination of permaculture design and landscape architecture.  This is why, folks tell me, I have been sought out for a decade and a half by East and West Coast clients.

In case you are wondering, here’s a little about what I do:

image: relax in your hammock instead of doing maintenance.With a permaculture design, you will be able to hang your hammock, relax, and take in the delicious scents as you watch your gorgeous landscape manage its own growth towards maturity.

Permaculture Design expands the focus of a traditional plan to provide clients with landscapes that take care of themselves.   These ecologically-focused designs also offer a bounty of perennial image: permaculture is ecological landscape design.delights for kitchen and beneficial wildlife.  From water-wise plantings to rainwater harvesting, I incorporate architectural landscape design style and aesthetics with the deep wisdom of Nature.  This type of plan maximizes natural function while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing overall look.  Click HERE to tell me about your project.

Permaculture accomplishes these things:

  • Builds upon a language of local materials
  • Incorporates on-site resources
  • Stacks functions throughout the landscape
  • Cures problems with efficiency and elegance
  • Captures & utilizes natural resources
  • Provides multiple solutions via each design element
  • Solves more than one problem at once
  • Builds soil life, plant health, biodiversity, and resilient beauty
  • Frees up owner’s time spent on maintenance

Landscape Architecture incorporates traditional principles of line, image: traditional landscape architecture.form, & spatial relationship with a unique vision for each individual property.  Architectural landscape design translates the needs my clients express into specific plantings and built, or “hardscape,” improvements.  The plan transforms existing problems into creative solutions, resulting in a delightful re-imagining of a space within the bounds of tradition.  Click HERE to tell me about your project.

Which Version of Architectural Landscape Design Works Best for Your Property?

Architectural Landscape Design Process

Eco-LogicSM works with Nature’s time-tested ways, rather than seeking to overcome them.  This results in landscapes that offer resilient functional beauty for present and future generations while revealing Nature as a cooperative force.

Site Analysis is a key part of all design packages.Following a prospective client’s completion of a questionnaire, a site visit involves site analysis,  and then I work in my studio on solutions unique to your property.  We meet twice for consultation projects and three times for master plans. I also provide phasing instructions and offer local referrals for installation, if desired.

Please tell me about your needs and goals if you’re curious about how architectural landscape design with or without permaculture can meet your needs.  I have worked successfully with all manner of clients and accept projects ranging in scope from a suburban side yard to large rural acreages posing a variety of challenges.

Designer Bio

Eco-LogicSM Permaculture & Landscape Design is headed by Head Designer Jadene Mayla specializes in Architectural Landscape Design.multi-faceted creative Jadene Mayla.  She began working as a permaculture designer in 2004 while getting a graduate degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon and a certificate in Permaculture Design from Cascadia Permaculture Institute, headed by Toby Hemenway and Jude Hobbs.  Her final project won a national first place award, fueling her drive to offer “deep green” ecological design to the public.

She moved the business to Portland, Oregon, in 2005.  Two years later the City honored Eco-LogicSM with a certificate identifying the company as an ecological business under its rigorous Eco-Biz Program.  Since 2018, the company headquarters hare in Pasadena, California, with a satellite office in Portland.

Jadene incorporates a decade and a half of experience serving clients in Oregon, California, Washington, and other states.  She accepts all types of projects, and is sought-out for her specialty of aesthetically combining landscape architectural techniques with permaculture principles in urban, suburban, and rural settings.

Click HERE to see sample plans and a description of services or fill out a questionnaire to start your project.

Permaculture has the power to stabilize global climate.

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