Regenerative Landscape Architecture
12 Feb 2019

Top Residential Landscape Designer Weighs In On Installation

Question:  My husband’s biggest concern is that a plan done by a residential landscape designer will be amazing, but we won’t be able to afford to actually implement it.  How would you suggest we handle this so that we have a design and a yard we love, but also that we keep it to a manageable budget?


Answer:  Having been a professional residential landscape designer since 2004, I help my clients with construction management as well as master planning.  During the construction management phase, I source competent, trustworthy installation contractors and oversee the the project to make sure the work sticks to the intended design.  Knowing a family's budget helps keep the design reasonable.  Then, I can keep install costs from being significantly altered by installers who don't understand low-cost yet very effective permaculture techniques.


A lot of residential landscape design installers don't know certain things can be done differently.  This is because they've worked mostly with mainstream designers.  I am firm in having teams use much less expensive products than the standard, but with great results, for instance.  I help my clients avoid a much higher initial outlay, level of maintenance, and ongoing resource cost.  This means less water bills and avoiding the cost to have crews mow, blow, and go every week.


By adhering to time-tested methods using the wisdom of Nature, my focus is on low-input, high-yield design strategies while restoring the landscape to a state of health and self-care.  This approach to residential landscape design brings maintenance and water bills way down after the design has been installed.

To learn more about how regenerative landscape architecture can reduce your costs and labor, schedule a FREE coaching session.


05 Jul 2018

Is $75K Buried In Your Soil?

Buried Treasure Found

Do you loveimage: buried treasure found stories of buried treasure found?  Most of us have at one point dwelt for a moment on how neat it would be to find a jar of gold coins buried on our property.  Before I was born, my dad did exactly that, at his parents’ Mount Tamalpias home.  Going back years later, he dug but could not find the jar of stored wealth.  Did someone else discover his stash?  Or did he simply forget where he had buried it?  Now it’s too late to find out, since there are new owners who probably don’t want holes or strangers in their yard.  But what if he had known what I’m about to tell you?  He could have avoided all that digging and the loss of some precious metal coins worth a lot more than their mint value today.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake, not that you necessarily would do what my dad did, but I’m excited to share with you my  method of getting a lot of money out of the ground your home sits on.

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14 Jun 2018

Desertification Reversal Isn’t Only Possible, It’s Simple

How to Easily Reverse Desertification

image: desertificationIn my experience as a designer and an intuitive, forest destruction is the single most dangerous activity of mankind.  The result of taking out trees is the decline of the landscape toward desertification, or entropy.  I’ve always shaken my head at the mainstream tale we’ve been told about entropy being Earth’s natural tendency.  If you’ve spent as much time gazing into Nature as I have, you probably agree that this is a flat out lie.  To anyone watching, natural systems move automatically toward a climax ecosystem state unless they are disturbed to a degree that breaks down the inherent ability of the system to recover.  In extreme cases of deforestation, true deserts occur, such as the Sahara in Africa.

An Egyptian Take On Desertification

Speaking of the Motherland, on the subject of desertification I find the research of those wise and brave enough to disregard Egyptology to be important here.  They are the most fun researchers and writers IMHO (in my humble opinion) because they are boldly willing to pass right by the misinformation campaigns fed to the world.  Read More

19 Apr 2018

How to Make Extra Money At Home: Turn Raw Land Into a Cash-Producing Business

Raw Land As a Cash-Cow:  How to Make Extra Money at Home

If you’re not earning income from your property, you might be wasting its potential.  If you’re serious about learning how to make extra money at home, why not transform your landscape into a living ATM?

image: cash crops I’m talking about permaculture design.  Transforming your yard into a productive oasis is the most sustainable shortcut to long-term returns.  And in this post, I’ll teach you exactly how to do it.  If you’re unsure about transforming your existing property, what if I told you a permaculture master plan could save you money on materials and labor while offering you the potential of an income-generating cottage industry you can operate from home?

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29 Mar 2018

Shade Garden Plants: What Does “Partial Shade” Really Mean?

When Shade Garden Plants Need “Partial Shade”

If you’ve ever tried to read plant tags at a garden center, you probably noticed pretty quickly that each grower puts different information on their tags.  It can be difficult to wade through the range of information provided for every plant you want to take home.  In the shade garden plants section, when a tag says “partial shade,” what does that mean?

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29 Mar 2018

Backyard Water Features: How I Turn Hills Into Fountains

Ecologically designed backyard water features transform issues into elegant features.Slope Allows Sophisticated Backyard Water Features

If you’ve ever looked at rural property advertisements, you’ve probably noticed that flat is desirable.  It seems like everyone wants a level piece of land, and for good reason, because it’s easier to put a house there.  But what if I told you that a property with some slope is highly valuable?  I have transformed many formerly unusable outdoor spaces by creating innovative backyard water features you wouldn’t expect.

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