A sampling of awards and interviews celebrating Eco-Logic.

image: Best Permaculture Design Firm 2022 - USA

Best Permaculture Design Firm 2022 - USA

Eco-Logic Permaculture & Landscape Design has been selected as the

Best Permaculture Design Firm 2022 - USA

...in the North America Business Awards 2022!

The North America Business Awards 2022 selection is made following careful assessment of any voting or nomination information, alongside any supporting evidence provided by a nominee. Our panel also considers additional findings that our internal research team has come across in both online and in the public domain, such as client reviews and press.

Ecological Business Award

Eco-Logic has passed the rigorous certification regularly since 2007.

Read about the criteria of the program here.

image: HOPES 1st place aware

1st Place Suburban Redesign

In redesigning suburbs to court ecology and community, this project tackles the fact that suburbs inadequately address the needs of people and land. The model created for this project is for adaptation and application to both retrofitting existing suburbs and re-conceiving as-yet undeveloped neighborhoods of this kind. It is ripe for configuration to either situation, a kit of parts.

Learn more about the H.O.P.E.S. National Design Challenge.


Planet Shifter asked about past projects and company vision, among other things.

Read the interview here.

Southern Oregon Magazine

SO Mag featured an article by Eco-Logic on landscape timing.


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