The Design Challenge

This project makes a great case study, because it is typical of what we do and also took Landscaping Portland Oregon to a new level. This family's situation and transformation was similar to many others I have helped in California and Washington as well as Oregon. I created a Permaculture Master Plan for this new family.


They started with a small, flat yard.  The young couple wanted outdoor dining space and a fire pit for entertaining their friends.  Their kids needed a place to play, and their daughter’s front bedroom was exposed to the street.  The neighborhood in which they purchased their home had experienced recent crime, and so the family also needed a safer property.



Realizing the Project

My visit with the client took about 1.5 hours at their site.  They had time to tell me all about their experience, while I set my expert eyes on issues I noticed and sketched out solutions I felt would not only work well for the site but also delight the family.


I created a unique multi-level solution that added delight and discovery to their featureless back and side yards.  The new sunken fire pit area allows them to entertain in style, while adding interest and fun to their outdoor space.  Landscaping in Portland Oregon can be tricky with all the rain, and so this feature deals with storm water efficiently while showcasing flowering plants and a variety of leaf textures and colors.  Solutions like this can easily be modified to work well in places like Southern California, where storm water still can benefit the landscape by being channeled into the ground instead of sent to the ocean.


Going Above and Beyond

The Stange family also wanted me to incorporate spaces for their dog and children.  I devised a dog run to utilize the wasted space in back of their house and a safer play area in their front yard for the kids.


Main features of this Portland Oregon landscaping project included screening in the client’s back yard for privacy, building new interest with a sunken fire pit seating area, adding the productivity and beauty of fruit trees, creating a dining space on a new deck, and incorporating a play area out front that also enhanced the family’s sense of safety in a slightly rougher neighborhood.

This project is a great example of how landscaping Portland Oregon style offers unique benefits when the issues unique to the area are carefully considered.  In Los Angeles, the semi-arid Mediterranean climate offers a wider plant palette and a different set of issues to transform into elegant solutions that make you say, "Ahhh" when you get home.

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