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Cool Things To Learn

image: cool things to learnIf you're a person who loves discovering cool things to learn, we've gathered, tried, and then written about some of the most little-known information in existence in our collection of guides, reports, ebooks, and reports.

From super high-return investing that's safe and quick to innovative non-violent pest control, you'll find techniques you can use to meet with your own success.

Here's an example:  One of our recent clients exclaimed that after we left her house her gopher problem vanished.  What did we do?  We used the situation to her advantage in a highly uncommon but effective way.  When the apparently very hungry little rodent brazenly emerged right in front of us to pick and eat no less than four umbrella plant stems, we had to take action then and there.  Disregarding the potential of making our client think we were not all there, we looked directly into the gopher's shiny black eyes and declared to him that we would be creating a solution inclusive of his needs.  We left, and so did he, and all his friends.  We guess more than anything, and like the rest of us, he just wanted to be heard.  You'll find stories like this one in this collection, and more than that you'll discover a range of proven strategies that will allow you to finally get desired results, too.

We've prepared a growing collection covering unique subject matter we think you'll find intriguing and useful.  If you have a unique perspective already or want to discover a different take on the world, we invite you to explore the stories and guides below.  Happy adventuring!


Zombie Permaculture

The Walking Dead are among us now. Game of Thrones was the most popular show ever for a reason. Pop culture keeps us in the dark, however, about the true threat facing humankind.

I have since 2009 perceived a dark story hiding beneath what I like to call the popular cult mythology of zombies. On the surface, zombies disgust and terrify us. Beneath the rotting flesh and behind the vacant eyes, they are trying to tell us something. The zombie message is of vital importance to human survival.

This book is my effort to share the real zombie story with you. It will scare you deeply. But once the truth sinks in, I’ll be there for you with a solution. If permaculture can transform the Sahara Desert into a food-producing oasis, then it can also protect us against the greatest danger we have ever faced.

A pre-order secures your spot in line for a signed copy when I publish, which is now only a little ways off. I can see the pinpoint of light as my footfalls echo along the pitch black tunnel. The moaning is now only a whisper. But I have tucked the vital message into my pocket and am coming for (ahem, I mean to) you…



The Apocalypse Permaculture Reader


From an expose of Walmart at 3 a.m. on Black Friday to wolves to ancient prophecy, this reader is packed with interesting stories and unique perspectives.  Specifically, here you'll find Eleven Aspects of Apocalypse As Witnessed By A Professional Permaculture Designer.

What is your favorite apocalypse scenario? An EMP would knock out the U.S. power grid and melt all our ice cream. A volcanic super cluster would bury a lot of stuff and make it difficult to breathe. A tidal wave would drown out the din of pre-apocalytic American life. But a Zombie Apocalypse, now that's our kind of doom. This is because zombies are so inherently creepy and disgusting... ..and careless, obsessed, mindless jerks. And..they're already among us.

In this preparatory reader for the forthcoming full-length book Zombie Permaculture, the author asks, "Is anybody else seeing this?" and listens for coherent rejoinders in the dark.

On a serious note, the cool things to learn from this book are deeper insight into permaculture as well as a window into how it relates directly to the apocalypse. The knowledge in this book will help you to improve: - how you see your landscape, and how it sees you- ways you relate to plants and animals that save time and money- your effectiveness as a gardener, land manager, or maintenance professional.  It will provide a basic introduction to survival techniques not discussed by other zombie manuals. Happy reading!

The L.A. Permaculture Reader


Los Angeles is ideally suited for ecological landscaping. The land has been desiccated by paving the creeks, streams, and river that once flowed free across the area.  Many opportunities to heal and re-hydrate the L.A. landscape await the willing.

In this book, we'll cover topics including:

  • storm water infiltration
  • soil regeneration
  • pollinator habitat
  • ultra-low-maintenance water-saving landscapes

L.A. can turn drought stress into rejuvenation with certain little-known techniques. In this special reader, the award-winning lead designer for Eco-Logic Permaculture & Landscape Design shares insights from over 16 years professionally combining landscape architecture and permaculture design.  Don't worry if you don't reside in the city of angels.  This reader will be useful to anyone living in dryland climates.

To download the L.A. Permaculture Reader, click the book's cover.


Bioswale Information Sheet


As far as cool things to learn go, this information sheet tells you the what, how, why, and where of bioswales.  The information is clear, consistent, clearly laid out, and detailed.  Our professional design team created this document after dozens of people asked us about swales.

People wanted to know what they are, how to build them, and where they should go.  They wanted to know the difference between a swale and a bioswale.  How deep is it supposed to be, how wide, what shape, and where do the plants go?

The thing about a swale is if you do it incorrectly it doesn't do the job it's intended to do - be amazing at rehydrating parched soil, saving water from the gutter, and filtering storm water and runoff before it enters streams and rivers.

This detail-packed information sheet shows you how to create a swale on a hillside or flat area.


Two Ways to Boost Soil In One Season Without Spending A Dime


Using little-known soil regeneration techniques and totally free resources, you can recover the dirt around and near your home. This ebook shows you what to do, how to do it, and where to find the free resources you'll need.
You'll learn where the mainstream industry is shooting us all in the foot. And you'll become empowered to put a stop to the damage and re-start super-healthy soil where there was once dry, barren dirt.
Your plants will reward you with more flowers and fruit almost right away! Once you have these techniques and information, you can share it in your community or group.
Additional benefits of what you'll learn in this book include:
- reverse topsoil loss overnight
- help trees draw nutrients from deep in the earth
- attract precious beneficial insects, soil organisms, and other creatures vital to healthy soil
- hold moisture in the landscape by reducing evaporation and runoff
- grow a garden on once barren land
Happy soil building!


The Simple Way to Turn $3K Into $45-75K In A Few Months


Learn how to put a very modest amount into a stable vehicle you can cash in for very attractive profits in a truly short time.

We break the process down by the numbers and provide market examples.  Spending your money in the right direction is the key.  Many people overlook this or don't know how to maximize their returns in this asset class.  A lot of providers don't have the know-how to accomplish the maximum return for investors interested in this method.

Find out why a large number of people are missing out on one of the quickest ways to get back 12-25x their investment. Our method not only tells you where most folks miss the boat, it provides you with a specific plan to follow.

The examples we break down for you are what most average people are working with.  For example, an investment of about $3K that returns $45,000 to $75,000.  The key to this outstanding ROI is understanding that it’s doable, inexpensive, and real, and then to take the right actions, detailed in this guide.