Permaculture has the power to stabilize global climate.
Portland + Los Angeles

Courses and Workshops

The following courses and workshops are based on multidisciplinary expertise and delivered in a format and manner that works with your schedule whether you live in town, the suburbs, or the country.  Unlike the many design certification courses out there:

You will learn permaculture by developing your own land, not someone else’s.

image: permaculture for land management course.Permaculture for Land Management

Don’t waste money on a design certificate you don’t need.  If you want to implement permaculture into your own landscape and aren’t looking to change careers, this course provides instruction in permaculture principles and leads you through a series of hands-on project and assignments.

Study at your own pace and receive individualized attention.

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image: mystical garden workshopThe Mystical Garden Workshop

This workshop will empower and connect you to your land and your unique gifts.  Content is based on masters-level training in disciplines related to landscape architecture.  Designed to enrich your relationship to your land or property, you will grow in ways you didn’t think were possible.

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