image: creative landscape designCreative Landscape Design Based On Years of Experience Working Remotely

You deserve professional service that gives you what you want and need.  Many people who work with us remotely say there just wasn’t anyone in their area with enough expertise or capability to help them.  We are a professional ecological design firm with years of experience working on projects in multiple states, and our customers have all expressed satisfaction with our process.

Working with us from outside our local area is easier than you think!  And our creative landscape design process works!

We work closely with our remote clients to support them fully throughout the process.  We respond quickly and are here for you.  We’ve worked with home- and property-owners as far away as Florida, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and California.  Permaculture has the awesome power to restore any landscape to a flourishing ecological oasis, and often we are told there is no one local who is professional, educated, and knowledgeable.  That’s why we continue to be sought out around the country.

Your Creative Landscape Design Experience

We developed our special package for clients outside our area to provide you with a professional plan for your property that works.  We are experienced at gathering the information we need to do your project right, and we stick with you throughout the process.  Some of the benefits of working with us remotely include a full plant list and detailed large-scale drawing, a phasing plan, and more.  Our methods are known for saving you money while raising the value of your home, no matter where you are.

Take Advantage of Our Professional Process

Book a discovery session where we can learn about your project and answer your questions before you decide if we are a fit for your project needs. Ask us, we are here for you.