image: free landscape design with plants purchase.

Here’s how DesignScaperSM works:

  1. Complete the DesignScaperSM kit.
  2. Pick-up in stores or dowload and submit on this page. Use graph
    paper to sketch the layout of your space and help you
    gather information about it. Take photos and send to your designer.
  3. Meet your Designer. Make an appointment with our designer to discuss your needs and budget. Bring or submit this completed kit and be ready to purchase your gift card.
  4. Pick up your FREE Design. The designer will sketch out a design for your yard and present at the 30 minute final meeting.
  5. Get Dirty! Purchase the materials with your DesignScaperSM gift card & follow the design map.

image: free landscape design with plants purchase

DesignScaperSM Questionnaire:

    What is included in DesignScaperSM?

    • 30 minute initial consultation
    • Landscape design and plant list
    • 30 minute final consultation

    The landscape design is free with the purchase of plants and materials. You will be required to purchase a gift
    card at the initial consultation. The gift card amount is determined by the size and complexity of design desired.

    Download your DesignScaperSM KIT