image: DIY Landscape Design package.

DIY Landscape Design Package

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DIY Landscape Design Package $500

A traditional plan for the do-it-yourselfer homeowner or property manager.

This package includes:

  • Questionnaire
  • On-site visit & site analysis
  • Medium-sized PDF Plan, including:
    • Conceptual hardscape design (i.e. patio, pathways, decking, etc.)
    • Ornamental plant lists from which you can make your selections
    • Phasing and planting steps
  • Final presentation meeting
  • Email access following design phase

This option is a good choice if you like to play with elements rather than measure exactly where to put each plant or stone, while still providing you with a solid plan to follow.

If you are working with a smaller budget, this package offers traditional landscape design focused on ornamental plants and functional outdoor space using materials of your choosing.

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Many of my Portland, Oregon, clients enjoy DIY.  Ryan Montgomery had this to say about tackling his project on his own:

image: some permaculture master plan clients like to install their projects themselves.
“Fall: espalier trees are planted and front yard is cleared and mapped out.”

“Its been an eye opening experience and a really great growth experience.  I absolutely love just doing the work, the physical labor, it’s really great.  It made me really respect what you do..”


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