Bring Presence to Your Yard With Concrete Garden Statues

The peace that a statue brings to outdoor settings is something we image: concrete garden statues anchor the landscape.all feel.  Counterpoint to the continual motion of plants, well-chosen concrete garden statues add presence and a kind of weight to a yard or property.

A contemplative walk might need a theme, such as a Taoist meditation path or sculpture garden.  You can even create a special kids play space using statuary.  Our minds are impressionable, and the gravity and stability of concrete garden statues can offer a point of focus to guide our thoughts.

The expression or body language of a figurative statue can uplift the image: body language of concrete garden statues inspires.spirit on a gloomy day or remind us of our intentions for our lives.  Throughout the seasons, plants change and shift.  Incorporating concrete garden statues in your outdoor space offers an anchor against which that ever-changing dance can happen.

Non-figurative or abstract concrete garden statues offer a wider interpretation than figurative pieces.  Gestural shapes or spatial relationships between negative space, line, and form affect consciousness just as much as more defined imagery.  A children’s play areaimage: abstract concrete garden statues offer wider interpretation. might feature whimsical, motion-oriented forms, while a hospital recovery garden could offer patients the suggestion of health and peace without pushing a specific orientation or focus.

Size matters, too.  A series of smaller pieces set along a path help to lead the visitor from one idea to the next in a progression.  Or a singular large piece at the focal point of a space dedicated to outdoor entertaining draws the eye and makes for interesting conversation among guests.

With the variety of technologies available today, colored concrete garden statues are an option to add even more intentional impact to a space.  Nature makes great colors, and humans can add to her palette with complimentary or contrasting choices.  Think of a blue chair paired with a yellow statue and you start to get the idea of what is possible when color is added to the other elements of art in the landscape.

Whatever the story you want to tell, concrete garden statues are an elegant addition to any outdoor space.

To get started on a unique solution that meets your needs, please share a little bit about the project you are working on.

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