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Guild Kits Make An Easy Garden Planting Guide

What is a Guild Kit?  A really easy way to plant any garden for success is to place plants together based on their affinity for each other.  Everyone does best with compatible friends, and plants are no different from us humans.

Plant guilds are used in Permaculture to reduce our work as gardeners by relying on plant friends helping one another.  Our founder developed these awesome kits while serving as Vice President for the American Center for Sustainability.  Guild Kits are an easy garden planting guide for students and groups.

The kits allow anyone to easily know which plants grow well together.

Plants are amazing powerhouses of skill, intelligence, and cooperation.  Some plants add Nitrogen to the soil while others offer structural support for still other plants to climb on.  Guild Kits rely on these superstar plants and the relationships they have developed with each other over the millennia they have existed on Earth.

Serving as a powerful garden planting guide, each Guild Kit comes formulated for your region and type of project.  If your group or organization wants to restore an urban creek, we will develop a Guild Kit for you focused on riparian plants native to your area.

If you want to thank your local volunteer fire department by beautifying the scraggly planting strips out front of their station, we'll create a kit for handling pollution and foot traffic.  There are many situations where having a well-thought-out garden planting guide is a smart plan.

Guild Kits: Recommended for home, civic, and educational gardens. 
Tailored seed guild for your bioregion & project type with planting & care instructions.



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