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Unique Outdoor Garden Containers to Make Your Yard or Entry Pop

The most eye-catching entries or outdoor rooms artfully combine plant materials and hardscape features such as patios or wimage: Outdoor Garden Containers make entryways pop.ooden arbors to create balance.  Outdoor garden containers are an economical way to add color and form to your landscape.  They are like putting a great frame around a cherished piece of artwork.

I hand-make a variety of outdoor garden containers specially-designed to add elegant bursts of color and unique forms to any outdoor space.  A favorite placement of many of my buyers is actually on their mantel!  Other frequent spots include in the otherwise hard-to-fill corners of back decks and as focal points nestled within sprawling herbs and exuberant flowers.

Outdoor garden containers can also be used to attract and support beneficial pollinators to your property.  The sheer delight of a visit from a butterfly while you sip your tea on the patio can infuse your entire day with a little more joy.  My line of water garden containers allows you to provide safe places for butterflies, honeybees, image: Outdoor Garden Containers attract beneficial pollinators.dragonflies, and even birds to drink and bathe.  Placing these outdoor garden containers near a window makes it easy to watch and learn from the behaviors of these special species.  An added benefit to you is more flowers and fruit as your plants receive their attention and pollen-exchanging gifts.

Adding a few well-chosen outdoor garden containers to your entry or yard gives back to Nature while enhancing your day-to-day quality of life.  A little woman-made beauty can go a long way.

To get started on a unique solution that meets your needs, please share a little bit about the project you are working on.

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