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This project was for Buckman School in Southeast Portland, Oregon. Their after-school program and Project Feed served children of single parents who had to work later than their kids got out of school. There was a need for food plants and a functional education garden that could demonstrate to potential donors how valuable the programs were for lower-income families.

The children were eager to get their hands in the dirt and learn about the food plants we selected for their Native and Sunrise Gardens.

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The Sunrise Garden offered students a structured learning environment outdoors.  The materials came from on-campus, and flowering plants offered a variety of textures, scents, and colors for children to interact with.  Beneficial insects attracted to the plantings in the garden allowed kids to observe them.

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Results of the plans we did to create the school's Native Plant Garden included winding paths on a slope, edible native plants for shade, and small placards to help the children learn the names of the plants.

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