This project began as a large acreage outside of Oregon City. The owners wanted to create a retreat center they could live at and host Permaculture workshops with guest instructors. They were also interested in growing Paulownia trees to produce biochar and offer camping and yoga to their guests.

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The results of getting a Permaculture Master Plan included beautiful teaching, camping, and yoga spaces shaped like mandalas, a creek shrine designed with ancient Egyptian applied physics, two home sites, edible meadows and paths, habitat for three ponds, parking, and a production forest.

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At the top of the property, a perennial creek filled several ponds downhill.  We applied the spiritual science of ancient Egypt to correct any damage done to the water upstream before it crossed the property.  The result was measurable harmonization of the water's subtle energy, protection against electromagnetic radiation (EMF), and the opening of a higher harmonic gateway to the Devic realm of Nature.

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