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Landscaping Installation Without the Hassle or Overwhelm

If you've ever attempted to secure a reliable landscaping installation contractor for your home improvement project you know they can be very difficult to nail down, hear back from, or even might leave you in the lurch.  That's why we offer professional-level construction management.  We source the best landscaping installation contractors, secure realistic bids for you to consider, and then oversee your project through to completion.


Our landscape construction management division has many years of experience in all phases of landscaping, and our customer-focused approach makes your experience stress-free and satisfying.  We involve you as much or as little as you want, to allow you to get on with enjoying your life - and the results of your project as soon as possible.


We understand that your property is not only a big investment but also a big dream of yours.  We are there for you to help you accomplish the dreams you have for your property.  From spec development landscaping requirements to new home construction landscaping to existing landscape renovation, our professional landscaping installation services assure your project looks and functions the way it was intended to.

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Landscaping Installation: What's Included

A quality installation is key to ensuring your landscape's lushness and beauty.  Our experts carefully design your property to ensure maximum ecological function, aesthetic beauty, and long-term cost savings.  Don't lose ground with incompetent or irresponsible construction.  Here is what a Construction Management service package includes:

  Sourcing of qualified installation contractors
  Procurement of estimates
  Regular coordination with install lead
  On-site meetings to oversee installation
  Approval of on-site adjustments to elements in the plan
  Instruction of crew as necessary on non-standard elements, such as bioswales
  Updates and coordination including phasing, progress, and change requests
  Assisting installer in sourcing of plants and nonliving materials as needed
  Approving plant substitutions as needed due to nursery availability

Our team has many years of experience and our organization and dedication make us the best company to oversee your landscaping installation!
We incorporate little-known strategies that we communicate effectively to our landscaping installation project leads so you get the benefits we intended you to enjoy.
We charge a very reasonable one-time fee and see your project through to its completion no matter what.

Here's what to expect:

In the Estimate Procurement phase:

  1. We calculate square footages for all relevant hardscape materials and grass areas, plant counts, and other details for your project.
  2. We create an organized details sheet including all calculations and a bid list that tells landscape installation contractors interested in bidding your project what to include in their bid and allows them to correctly estimate costs.
  3. We submit these details and your plan to a number of landscape installation contractors with a request for their estimate.
  4. We answer all questions submitted to us by landscape installation contractors.
  5. We review estimates submitted to us for accuracy and completeness and ask the landscape installation contractor(s) to revise their estimate(s) if we find anything missing or eroneous.
  6. During this phase, we contact you if we have something for you to decide or approve, or to clarify anything.  We typically respond within 24 hours to your email and are typically not in the office on weekends.
  7. If you have change requests during this phase, please submit them as early as possible and allow for delays, as each change slows the process while we request new revisions from the landscape installation contractor(s) who is/are submitting estimate(s).

In the Estimate Review phase:

  1. Once we have up to three estimates, we will contact you to schedule your Estimate Review Meeting.
  2. During the Estimate Review Meeting, we go over any estimate(s) for your project in detail line by line to catch mistakes, omissions, overcharges, etc.
  3. We submit requests to the landscape installation contractor(s) to revise their estimate(s) and communicate with them until we have received their revised estimate(s).
  4. We send you the revised estimate(s) and give you time to make your decision based on our Estimate Review Meeting and any further recommendations we have for you based on our experience with the landscape installation contractor(s).
  5. Once you have selected an estimate, we help coordinate your project start.

In the Project Installation phase:

  1. We schedule a walk-through with you and your chosen landscape installation contractor to show them the property and answer any on-site questions they have.
  2. We ask the landscape installation contractor to submit a project schedule to us so that we may make inspections and help coordinate procurements, etc.
  3. We schedule several on-site inspections, during which we review work completed and develop a written Inspection Report for each, detailing all items that need to be adjusted, redone, etc. to you and the landscape installation contractor and expect the landscape installation contractor to make any changes indicated in the Inspection Report.
  4. We coordinate change requests and on-site adjustments with the landscape installation contractor and you.
  5. We assist the landscape installation contractor with plants procurement and substitutions.
  6. We conduct a final walk through and provide a Final Inspection Report to both you and the landscape installation contractor indicating any final adjustments that may need to be made to complete your project.
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