Discover the Financial Benefits of Lawn Replacement:

Conserve precious water and spend far less with either a lawn you don't need to water and mow or with perennial beds.  We specialize in no-maintenance ecological lawns appropriate in any state.  Alternatively, replacing a lawn with plantings reduces costs and water use.  Many municipalities offer incentives for lawn replacement.  In your city, you can likely get a significant rebate for replacing your existing exotic, invasive, high-maintenance lawn with lower water use plantings.  If you just want to mow and water less but still want a lawn you can use, we are experts at providing you with a new lawn you don't have to mow or water!


image: get paid to stop mowing, weeding, watering, and fertilizing CLICK HERE.

Lawn Replacement = Cash In Your Pocket

Climates along the West Coast aren't the best places in the world to "keep up with the Jones'" by maintaining a traditional lawn.  To incentivize lawn replacement for water conservation, most cities and counties offer rebate programs, because local governments understand these things about standard lawns:

  • traditional lawn grass sucks up large amounts of water to remain green
  • traditional lawns require fertilizer, which pollutes water
  • mowing requires fuel and equipment that needs maintenance
  • these requirements end up costing homeowners money

image: there is cash in your lawn replacement project

Traditional Lawns Are Wasteful and Expensive

That's why residential homeowners can often receive $2-4/sf of lawn they replace.

Imagine what you could do with the money you currently spend on your water bill, mower or mowing service, and fertilizer..

Now imagine what you could do with the cash that your city is wiling to pay you to replace your lawn..

Residents have a great opportunity to take advantage of a local lawn replacement incentive program simply by taking out their lawns and installing water-wise plantings.  Or if you just want to mow, water, and fertilize less we can give you a super-low-maintenance living green lawn in place of your high-cost, high-maintenance one!


Professional Lawn Replacement

image: professional lawn replacement.As a professional firm with one of the most highly trained and experienced design departments on the West Coast, we can help you achieve exactly this.  We have created oases in a variety of climates.

In addition to offering complimentary advising about how your project can fulfill the requirements of a lawn replacement incentive program in your area, we are also available to create expanded outdoor living space, build your property's soil health, conserve and filter water, attract butterflies and other precious pollinators, and increase flower and fruit production.  To learn more about Permaculture click HERE.



Not only that, but if you aren't simply trying to beat your neighbors at the lawn game, and you genuinely love image: lawn replacement with low maintenance lawn is an option too.lying in grass and tossing a frisbee at home, we have the expertise and experience to replace your high-maintenance lawn with one that you don't have to mow or water. 

Whether you are looking for hidden cash or just way less maintenance, having your lawn replacement done professionally saves you the hassle, and depending on the size of the lawn you are replacing, your local area's incentive program might even replace the cost of design.

Tell us about your project and get paid to stop watering, weeding, fertilizing, and mowing.

As part of our complimentary assistance with applying for a lawn replacement rebate, we've listed below some of the programs in our top service areas.  Every program is different, and there are often multiple programs available in a given area.  You are responsible for checking the requirements of the program you want to apply for against our scope of services.  Please note that our process assumes that a separate licensed irrigation contractor would lay out a drip irrigation system not shown on the project plan and that programs requiring irrigation plans would need a licensed irrigation contractor.