image: mystical garden workshop

Workshop Details:

In this special workshop, I teach rare modalities to empower you to connect with, anchor, and develop your unique gifts so that you can effectively share them with the world.  A mystical garden is an outdoor space devoted to your higher learning and connection to Divine forces.

The ancient Egyptians understood the Devic realm of Nature.  They communicated with higher harmonic beings of light through geometric scales applied to design.  Their architecture used precise physics to call in and hold resonant energies to allow initiates to co-create with this intelligence.  Egyptian art did not change for thousands of years so that its harmonious proportions could be preserved.  These applications in turn preserved Egyptian culture for millennia.

What You'll Learn:

  • attune more deeply to your inner voice
  • create a special anchor for your garden imbued with the ancient spiritual science of Egypt
  • plant your garden with special plants
  • set up a practice for utilizing your mystical garden
  • how to enter into co-creation with the Elementals or Nature Devas
Your mystical garden will serve you for life.

If you move, you will be able to leave the old garden with a blessing and take your anchor with you to create a new garden wherever you go.

WHEN:  Self-Paced
COST:  $47


Join Eco-Logic's master designer as she brings her training in ancient Egyptian applied physics, art, landscape architecture, and permaculture design to lead you through this special workshop.

image: mystical garden workshop

Note:  In this workshop we will be interacting with powerful, intelligent forces originating in the heart of Nature.  The course is therefore not suitable for children.  We will engage a high-level of esoteric physics, but you do not need any prior knowledge of physics in order to participate.  The anchor you will make for your mystical garden is designed with authentic energetic science.  Some mainstream instruments can pick up the vibrations it will emanate.  More sensitive participants may feel the energy emanating from their anchor.  You do not need to perceive the energy in order to benefit from it.  The higher harmonic energies we will be engaging are of a healing quality and will benefit you in your life.  They will also boost the plants and other creatures in your garden.  You will learn to connect on a deep and powerful level with real spiritual forces, but this is not mediumship.  The forces we will engage via the Mystical Garden Workshop are Divine energetic pattern holders responsible for plant forms and elemental forces in Nature.  Because of this, only serious applicants will be accepted.