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March 17, 2021 0 Comments

Animal Meanings and Equinox Magic

Learn From Animal Meanings At The Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is upon us.  With so much change sweeping the globe since last year at this time, it can be helpful to gain understanding from the those in the nonhuman world who are going through these changes alongside us.  Animal meanings are essential messages long associated with different species and can help you walk a more powerful path through chaos if you tune in and heed what Nature is telling you.

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February 25, 2021 0 Comments

Get A Victory Garden Plan

A Victory Garden Plan Based On Permaculture

The crises of 2020 are nothing compared to what many professional, intelligent, upstanding people are saying is coming.  From remote viewing masters to lawyers-turned-agriculturists, I’ve watched a number of interviews and exposes that left me with the urgent desire to share what I know about edible landscaping and food sustainability more than ever.  The answer, I think, is a victory garden plan that tells people step by step what to do to create their own survival food garden.

The term victory garden came into use in 1917, right before World War I started.  People realized at that time the critical importance of having the ability to procure fresh produce.  Rationing of food isn’t a long way off today.  As billionaire globalists like Bill Gates, who now owns more farmland than anyone else in the United States, seize greater and greater control over every aspect of life under the clever guise of a pandemic,* those who have been paying attention recognize history repeating itself and getting worse.

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February 22, 2021 0 Comments

Beachy Oasis Style

A Coastal Living Beach House Style Oasis

This project achieved a coastal living beach house style oasis for these work-from-home business owners.  They wanted to entertain, grow food, and relax in a year-round sauna.  Eco-Logic created exactly that, transforming wasted space into a beautiful layout where they could enjoy all the activities they love.  From the lotus pond outside their bedroom windows where there once was barren fencing to edible landscaping offering a variety of delicious berries and vegetables, to a modern outdoor kitchen and sitting patio under a grape arbor, this space fulfills their needs and more.

Starting with a traditional high-maintenance lawn, scraggly garden area, and cramped driveway, I transformed the property to acommodate the owners’ favorite activities.  Included was a permeable driveway and entry paths, living fences, soil restoration, water catchment, habitat gardens, fruit trees, central arbored patio, garden paths, outdoor kitchen, and year-round sauna.

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December 30, 2020 0 Comments

Small Garden Landscaping That Lowers Your Bills

Pay Less Because of Small Garden Landscaping?

Yes, you can indeed reduce your maintenance and utility costs with small garden landscaping.  I’m not talking about saving money on a landscaping project, I’m talking about saving money with a landscape project.  The reasons are simple:

  1. A house shielded from the elements with the right plantings costs less to heat and cool.
  2. Soil correctly protected from the sun loses less moisture to the air.
  3. Shielding soil from weeds makes your yard easier and much less expensive to maintain.
  4. Grading your property the right way protects soil nutrients and halts runoff.
  5. The right plants in the right places stop erosion in its tracks.

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December 17, 2020 0 Comments

The Living Los Angeles Landscape

The Living Los Angeles Landscape: A Key To Enjoying L.A.

Do you currently reside somewhere with less than 284 days of sunshine?  Are you tired of having to supplement Vitamin D?  Don’t want to be S.A.D. anymore?  Come to L.A.!  In this mini-guide, I will help you understand the living Los Angeles landscape; this one thing will make for a rich, full experience.  L.A. gets a lot of attention for being the host of Hollywood, but I was never into that side of the place.  I went to the farmers market there once and scored some whole grain baguettes to die for, but I mostly stick to the foothills where Nature looms.

You don’t have to be a nature girl (or boy) though to benefit from understanding the living Los Angeles landscape.  First of all, what do I mean by that?

Living In Los Angeles Isn’t All About Hollywood

When you first come here, you are going to quickly see that traffic is the way it is because of sprawl but also due to the incredible complexity of the area’s landscape.  Hills dominate much of the region, and a number of different climate zones affect what grows here.  If you are thinking about buying a home in Los Angeles, Orange, or Culver City, where the winters are colder due to what landscape nerds like me call basins and all those hilltops I mentioned.  Cooler air settles in these spots. But it doesn’t usually freeze in these areas of the county, so you can grow bananas and other subtropical plants.  Protect them by planting under overhangs or trees.

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November 30, 2020 0 Comments

Pasadena Water: Lower Your Bill!

Pasadena Water Bills Don’t Need to Be High

Pasadena water bills don’t need to be as high as residents might think.  Most people want a nice-looking front yard, which boosts perceived property value.  But you do not have to use a lot of water to have a green, beautiful landscape.  Permaculture allows any home owner to pay less in water bills by needing less water.  This doesn’t mean that your yard has to be filled with cactus or rocks.  You can have pretty flowering plants and trees.  In fact, your neighbors won’t believe you’re saving more on water than them.

One of our recent clients near Pasadena told us that they used to have the least attractive front yard on their block, but after working with us to lower their water bill, their neighbors told them their yard was now the most beautiful one on the block.

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November 23, 2020 0 Comments

Storm Water Solutions for Dry Urban Areas

Storm Water Solutions to Drought

I’ll bet you never think about storm water solutions when walking in your neighorhood.  You may have noticed your local landscape seems stressed out by drought.  A walk can tell you a lot about the outside factors affecting your property.  Working with permaculture is one of the most effective ways to restore soil, increase plant health, add shade, and attract beneficial wildlife.  You can also lower your water and power bills by choosing permaculture instead of traditional landscaping.  But did you know permaculture reverses drought?

You’ll notice when you walk through your neighborhood that some yards are green and lush while others look tired and dry.  Of course some families irrigate and others try to save on their water bill by letting their lawns go brown in the summer.  But there is a lot more happening in the majority of urban and suburban yards than might be obvious at first glance.  Most families don’t realize that they can lower their water bills with a few simple techniques.

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