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March 18, 2020 0 Comments Sticky

How to Be Prepared with Edible Landscaping

Edible Landscaping Is Food Self-Reliance

With a sudden pandemic, supplies emptied from store shelves, and the stock market crashing to levels not seen since the eighties, you might be thinking like a prepper these days.  The folks who’ve been stockpiling food, water, and ammunition could have been right to prepare.  But what steps can you take to become more resilient to the ever-mutating coronavirus if you’re starting now?  From an ecological perspective, edible landscaping is one of the smartest investments you can make.

It’s Spring, and despite the quarantine and isolation directive we’re all under, the birdsong stands in sharp contrast to the dire warnings of the media and government.  Since we’ll all be spending more time alone, now is the right time to start or get back into gardening. Food self-reliance is a good feeling, and it could become an important way to keep your loved ones healthy during this international crisis.

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Hardscape Landscaping – What’s Included

Do You Do Hardscape Landscaping Too?

We often get this question.  Many homeowners are understandably unfamiliar with landscape industry terminology.  This is why they want to know if we do hardscape landscaping as well as planting design.  The answer is yes.

Our professional training includes a graduate degree in landscape architecture as well as the permaculture design certification.  This means we don’t just look at plants but create a full master plan that considers all elements.  Our plant choices are partially dependent upon the hardscape elements we design to solve our clients’ problems and give them the experiences they seek.

Hardscape Landscaping That Solves Problems

We combine our formal training in both permaculture design and landscape architecture to integrate plants and hardscape landscaping into one cohesive plan for a property.  From our permaculture knowledge base, we design each element to accomplish multiple goals.  This is referred to as stacking functions.  When each feature in the landscape does multiple things for the property and its owner, it reduces maintenance and cost.  The plants we specify also typically add multiple layers of value.  From shading smaller species to building soil structure to suppressing weeds to attracting mutually beneficial organisms, each species has several roles in the design.

We are a full-service design and construction management firm that has been in operation since 2004.  We serve clients with all kinds of property, from a suburban side yard to a large rural acreage.  If you were wondering what our service packages include, we hope this article helps you to understand a little more of how we approach projects.

To find out how we would specifically address your project needs, sign up for a free discovery call today.

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September 3, 2020 0 Comments

Conservation of Land Through Eco-Restoration

The Conservation of Land

The focus of my professional practice is the conservation of land.  I am here to restore it wherever I can.  I know in my bones that the earth posesses a highly evolved capacity to heal.  The degradation of the American landscape is easily reversible, yet  uneducated maintenance costs the homeowner and pushes the land toward entropy.

When I use permaculture to halt this destruction and restore the natural ecological evolution of a property, the homeowner stops needing maintenance, their power bill goes down, and they use less water.  I am serious about creating self-maintaining natural systems that sustain diverse forms of life.  Permaculture allows me to mimic those found in Nature, and the results are quick.

In light of ongoing rampant environmental destruction around the globe as well as destructive development and maintenance practices, I developed the following resources to help those interested in restoration ecology get a jump-start on their projects.

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Creative Landscape Design No Matter Where You’re Located

Landscape Planner web conferenceCreative Landscape Design Based On Years of Experience Working Remotely

You deserve professional service that gives you what you want and need.  Many people who work with us remotely say there just wasn’t anyone in their area with enough expertise or capability to help them.  We are a professional ecological design firm with years of experience working on projects in multiple states, and our customers have all expressed satisfaction with our process.

Working with us from outside our local area is easier than you think!  And our creative landscape design process works!

We work closely with our remote clients to support them fully throughout the process.  We respond quickly and are here for you.  We’ve worked with home- and property-owners as far away as Florida, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and California.  Permaculture has the awesome power to restore any landscape to a flourishing ecological oasis, and often we are told there is no one local who is professional, educated, and knowledgeable.  That’s why we continue to be sought out around the country.

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CDC Finally Admits COVID-19 Is No Worse Than Seasonal Flu

Originally published May 2, 2020.  Updated September 3, 2020.

I hope this finds you resilient. To the fear, anxiety, and loss of basic rights that many Americans have endured because of the Coronavirus panic.

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you likely know I have an alternative perspective to mainstream, well, most everything. Don’t get me wrong, I speak up for the basic rights of U.S. citizens, animals, and the four elements. I appreciate police officers who uphold their duty to serve and protect. And I want a peaceful, safe world to venture out into. But throughout the past couple of months, I have stubbornly called this a panic rather than a pandemic. Never trustful of the media, owned mostly by Disney and/or 6 transnational for-profit corporations, I immediately became an alternative news junkie when the panic exploded. My sources have been few but fantastic, based in independent investigative journalism and scientific inquiry and military intelligence. It’s been quite a ride. And thanks to the information to which I was exposed during the crisis, I’m fortunate to be able to share this with you.

I will keep this short. I wanted to share this in case the media ignores it, like they have so much else while fear-mongering the country into near mass-hysteria. Please pass it on.

The big news in May was: The CDC finally announced the actual COVID19 numbers and they’re no worse than the seasonal flu!

The even bigger news in late August was: The CDC finally admitted the actual COVID19 deaths are far less than the seasonal flu!!

Maybe now we can all get back to life? I miss so many things. I’m sure you do, too.

March 30, 2020 0 Comments

Natural Health and Wellness Tips During Coronavirus

Health and Wellness Tips for the COVID-19 Panic

As we all grapple with the changes brought to our world by the COVID-19 panic, I was inspired by something I saw this morning to offer some natural health and wellness tips, as well as the dose of joy and empowerment that permaculture has to offer all of us.
While even most hiking trails are now closed, many citizens are still able to take daily walks.  I hope you’re taking some time each day to breathe in the delights of Spring and enjoy what sounds like heightened birdsong in the absence of normal levels of motorized human activity.
This morning on my walk up to a 180 year-old Deodar Cedar tree, which just happens to have a perfect chair shape just up from its base,  I found this lovely scene:

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March 23, 2020 0 Comments

Solutions to Deer Overpopulation

image: Deer OverpopulationWhat Can You Do About Deer Overpopulation?

Many of my clients in Oregon deal with deer overpopulation.  This manifests in deer coming onto their property and eating their plants.  When you invest in delicious food-producing plants, you want to eat them, not watch them be decimated by deer.  I recently advised a client who reached out with questions about how to deal with a lot of deer in her neighborhood doing exactly this.

The problem of deer overpopulation is in truth an issue of wildlife mismanagement.  Deer are a problem because their predators have been removed from the system.  I highly recommend advocating for protections for natural predators such as cougars, bears, and wolves.  These animals rarely attack humans and are vital to a healthy regional ecosystem.

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