Regenerative Landscape Architecture
28 Sep 2018

Driveway Conversion

The driveway was of course intended for allowing off-street parking in a garage or carport.  While in some neighborhoods this is either a good idea or required, often there is more than enough space for at least a partial conversion.  What does that mean for your property?

You can park in the driveway just up from the sidewalk and transform the rest of the driveway into a beautiful outdoor living space.  If you are interested in using your garage as a studio or ADU (accessory dwelling unit), you can connect your new patio or courtyard to it for an even richer multi-functional experience.  You can charge tenants more and sell your house for more someday.

Why waste your driveway just on your car?

13 Sep 2018
image: arbors and trellises

Arbors + Trellises

From focal point to backdrop, arbors and other fine garden structures define outdoor rooms.

An arbor, trellis, or pergola can draw the eyes of guests.  They provide structure for gorgeous flowering vines.

Their materials and craftsmanship compliment the architecture of your home.

One of my favorite projects was designing a pergola for a wedding.  When I chose two Kiwi vines, a male and a female, the beautiful tendrils of each plant found each other in the space between them.  It was a magical moment of embrace.  The bride and I couldn’t help but smile and remark about the perfection of those two plants.  She was so excited to be married, and the plants reaching for each other to entwine as I intended them to do over her pergola helped her see how great the ceremony would look.

11 Sep 2018
image: outdoor kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens

I have designed dozens of beautiful outdoor kitchens for clients in multiple states.

From rainy Portland, Oregon, to sunny San Diego, California, families have asked me to help them bring their lives outdoors.

Functional outdoor rooms make fun and exciting places to entertain.  Friends and family are comfortable, and dad can show off his grill skills.

The kitchen is often the center of the home.  To bring life outside and get more fresh air, an outdoor kitchen is a great feature.

My take on cooking outside has often included edible garden beds nearby.  Not every client wants food plants in their yard.  But I am able to seamlessly design edible landscaping into any project.  For an outdoor cooking and entertaining area, many people like the convenience of picking the food they serve to guests.