Zombie Permaculture: How Thick Will Your Mulch Be When the Hordes Descend?



A Permaculture Book Like No Other

Many people come to me for permaculture design services after doing some reading on the subject of permaculture and understandably becoming overwhelmed.  Being that the subject is in itself a full design discipline, it makes sense that reading popular books like my instructor Toby Hemenway’s Gaia’s Garden or Bill Mollison’s Permaculture Designer’s Manual are a lot for the average person.  That being said, I’ve written a permaculture book that clearly places all things permaculture into a practical context, provides a clear rationale for employing the principles, and lays out a road map for how to do it for maximum results.  I know this book is unlike any other one out there on the subject.

It started a little tongue in cheek but with a serious thesis.  I wanted to know the answer to a burning question:  why were zombies so popular and was there a deeper, hidden reasoning to their being inserted into it seems every popular show or movie that comes out?  I had an idea.  Well, I wrote out my thesis in full and then settled in to find out.  My research scared me so badly that I stopped writing for 3 full years.

I finally pushed past my fright and carried on with the project.  The result is a solutions-based manual for what I now know is the single gravest threat to humankind on this planet.  From billionaire globalist Bill Gates buying the majority of farmland in America to the looming Great Reset, the problem is clear.  There needed to be a book showing people the problem in full view and providing a no-nonsense, working solution.

Zombies are real, it turns out, and although in some ways the title employs metaphor to get my point across and help readers understand the gravity of the situation we are in, there is no doubt that my original thesis put me onto something huge.

A survival manual and more, Zombie Permaculture:  How Thick Will Your Mulch Be When The Hordes Descend? is my manifesto.  I hope you’ll love reading it and following the path laid out inside its pages to food, water, and energy security, the rebuilding of community, defense and protection against the root of all threats, and much more.

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