The Apocalypse Permaculture Reader


Eleven Aspects of Apocalypse As Witnessed By A Professional Permaculture Designer


From an expose of Walmart at 3 a.m. on Black Friday to wolves to ancient prophecy, The Apocalypse Permaculture Reader reader is packed with interesting stories and unique perspectives.  Specifically, here you’ll find Eleven Aspects of Apocalypse As Witnessed By A Professional Permaculture Designer.

What is your favorite apocalypse scenario? An EMP would knock out the U.S. power grid and melt all our ice cream. A volcanic super cluster would bury a lot of stuff and make it difficult to breathe. A tidal wave would drown out the din of pre-apocalytic American life. But a Zombie Apocalypse, now that’s our kind of doom. This is because zombies are so inherently creepy and disgusting… ..and careless, obsessed, mindless jerks. And..they’re already among us.

In this preparatory reader for the forthcoming full-length book Zombie Permaculture, the author asks, “Is anybody else seeing this?” and listens for coherent rejoinders in the dark.

On a serious note, the cool things to learn from this book are deeper insight into permaculture as well as a window into how it relates directly to the apocalypse. The knowledge in this book will help you to improve: – how you see your landscape, and how it sees you- ways you relate to plants and animals that save time and money- your effectiveness as a gardener, land manager, or maintenance professional.  It will provide a basic introduction to survival techniques not discussed by other zombie manuals. Happy reading!