Zombie Permaculture: How Thick Will Your Mulch Be When The Hordes Descend?


Game of Thrones was the most popular show ever for a reason.


The Walking Dead are among us now. Game of Thrones was the most popular show ever for a reason. Pop culture keeps us in the dark, however, about the true threat facing humankind.

I have since 2009 perceived a dark story hiding beneath what I like to call the popular cult mythology of zombies. On the surface, zombies disgust and terrify us. Beneath the rotting flesh and behind the vacant eyes, they are trying to tell us something. The zombie message is of vital importance to human survival.

This book is my effort to share the real zombie story with you. It will scare you deeply. But once the truth sinks in, I’ll be there for you with a solution. If permaculture can transform the Sahara Desert into a food-producing oasis, then it can also protect us against the greatest danger we have ever faced.

A pre-order secures your spot in line for a signed copy when I publish, which is now only a little ways off. I can see the pinpoint of light as my footfalls echo along the pitch black tunnel. The moaning is now only a whisper. But I have tucked the vital message into my pocket and am coming for (ahem, I mean to) you…