Northwest Landscape Supply for Permaculture and Restoration Projects

These products have been specialized to help your project succeed!  Whether it’s an outdoor classroom or your front yard, we provide Northwest landscape supply for your project needs.  Our focus is on ecology, so our unique products foster education and awareness while simultaneously increasing native habitat.

Guild Kits

These awesome kits allow students and groups to grow plants that do well together.  Some plants add Nitrogen to the soil while others offer structural support to climb on.  Each kit comes formulated for your region and type of project.  If you want to restore an urban creek, we’ve got you covered.  If your project is about suburban planting strips, we’ll create a kit for handling those hot summers and foot traffic.  Tell us about your project needs!

Image: northwest landscape supply of guild kits.Guild Kits: Recommended for home and educational gardens. 
Tailored seed guild for your bioregion & project type with planting & care instructions.
(2 to 3 weeks) $150


These are specially formulated seed bombs designed to allow students and groups to restore degraded natural areas while having fun.  Have a field trip planned?  Need an activity for your party or workshop?  Eco-Launchers will stimulate learning, laughter, and fitness.

Eco-LauncheRestoration Seed Bombsr Packages: Recommended for students, children, and restoration projects.
Set of 50 to 100 Eco-Launchers containing seed guilds for a specific climate zone and habitat in your bioregion and an original recipe & seed list to use indefinitely.
(2 to 4 weeks) $300

Eco-Launcher Recipe & Instructions

Want to save money by doing it yourself but don’t have the expertise to be confident you’re using the correct seed groups for your area?  We will send you recipes and instructions tailored for your project site.  From acreage to school grounds to waterways, tell us about your project and get ready to get your hands dirty!

Image: northwest landscape supply of recipe + instructions.Eco-Launcher Recipe & Instructions: Recommended for research projects and education materials.
Tailored list of seeds guilded for a specific climate zone and habitat in your bioregion to be used indefinitely.
(1 week) $100

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Permaculture has the power to stabilize global climate.

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