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Philosophy: Planet Earth has a logic all its own, creating & maintaining beautiful and harmonious natural systems that sustain diverse forms of life.  Permaculture is an approach to agriculture that sets up permanent systems which mimic those found in Nature, incorporating reciprocal relationships at the design stage.  Eco-LogicSM works with Nature’s time-tested ways, rather than seeking to overcome them.  This results in landscapes that offer resilient functional beauty for present and future generations of human beings, while uncovering opportunities to cooperate with Nature for the benefit of all.  Wildlife and natural resources like water, soil, air, and plant communities receive due respect and enhancement wherever possible.  We hope that the products and community services offered on this page will be an effective way for Eco-LogicSM to increasingly spread both ecological awareness and hands-on opportunities for connection with Nature and community.

About Guild Kits and Eco-Launchers

What are Guild Kits?

Guild Kit* is a phrase we coined in 2007 to describe a list of guilded, or companion, plants specifically aimed at making it easy for marginalized and low-income families to create perennial food gardens at home.  Our Guild Kit differs from a Permaculture guild in the sense that it is meant to be plopped down into an apartment planting strip or doorstep dirt patch following basic soil preparation, whereas in a Permaculture design guilds are built into a larger pattern of the entire landscape design.

In addition to supporting low-income families, Eco-LogicSM Guild Kits can also be utilized by individuals of all means to jump-start a Permaculture food forest or to learn more about permanent agriculture through hands-on experience.
~Schools may find Guild Kits an exciting way to teach young people about gardening and nature while contributing fresh foods to the cafeteria menu
~Ecological groups may want to use Guild Kits to do restoration work or for fund-raising.

We have created several different basic Guild Kit designs to address specific needs or scenarios. The first is based on a dwarf fruit tree, and is designed to augment a low-income family’s diet with perennial vegetables & fruits. The second Guild Kit focuses on riparian restoration via a simple clumping method of establishing points of healthy mini native plant communities.  Beyond this basic structure, Guild Kits can be tailored to YOUR specific project and bioregion.  And more basic Kit designs are on their way as well.*

There is so much more that goes into each Guild Kit than just the foods it will produce for a family or the plant communities it sets up in a degraded natural area. Everyone will be able to enjoy the life cycle stages of the plant community within the Guild Kit, including observation of beneficial insects, flowers, and humus creation. My main intention is to help families who don’t otherwise have the means to go camping or put in a new patio can gain what Nature has to offer in their own back yards or even the tiny triangular planting bed in front of their apartments.

Each Guild Kit contains three to eight plants that grow well together and support one another in a variety of ways. These often include:

~ structural support
~ nitrogen production
~ attraction of pollinators like butterflies & bees
~ mulch production for soil-building
~ micro-climate creation to support diverse plant species
~ specific species to discourage pest animals
~ food plants for people
~ and many other possibilities, depending on the recipe used

In some cases centered around a tree, each Guild Kit design comes with detailed instructions that illustrate how to plant and care for your Guild.

For every Guild Kit design that is purchased, we will donate 10% of the money to procuring and installing a Guild for a low-income family in the Portland area for free. If you are or know of a family who could benefit from this community service program, please refer them to us. Interested candidates can request an application by sending us an email. The application process is simple and straight-forward, and recipients will be chosen based on need.

What are Eco-Launchers?

Eco-Launchers are earthen balls containing seeds and soil nutrients.  We make them by hand and provide specific recipes to fuel Guerrilla Restoration projects.  The balls are to be placed by hand or lodged into the air over targeted areas, depending on their function (the recipe).

Several recipes are available for different restoration projects:

~Riparian Eco-Launchers are designed to jump-start natural reclamation of degraded and invaded river and creek ecosystems through introduction of Native plant guilds or communities.
~Pond Eco-Launchers are to be hand placed along shorelines of degraded ponds and lakes.
~Meadow Eco-Launchers are for dry meadow ecosystem regeneration.
~Wet Prairie Eco-Launchers re-inject Native wet prairie areas with appropriate plant groups.
~Forest Eco-Launchers build up the Native under story for healthy woodland ecosystems.

Each Eco-Launcher package contains specialized ingredient lists for soil and seeds and instructions for making and distributing them.  Packaged sets of 50 to 100 Eco-Launchers each can be purchased at our site and shipped anywhere.

Schools may find Eco-Launchers a fun way to teach young people about natural systems, and ecological groups may want to use Eco-Launchers to do restoration work or for fund-raising.

For every Eco-Launcher package that you purchase, we will donate 10% of the money to making and distributing  Eco-Launchers for restoration projects. This might include actual Guerrilla Gardening projects of our own to help restore the local natural environment with minimal impact or for use by local groups and marginalized communities.

If you know of a group or community that could benefit from this Nature service program, please refer them to us. Interested groups or neighborhoods can send us an email including:
~the type of project you want to do
~the project location
~mailing address
~the size of the area to be restored
~your project time line

A few years after coming up with the idea to design specific native seed bomb recipes for diverse climates, we developed them for Green Tree, a company that offered Nature education programs to kids throughout the United States and fund-raising opportunities for non-profit groups via reforestation.  Kids who learn how to use Eco-Launchers, which come packed with pre-planted Native seed guilds, have the power to reclaim vast damaged lands.  Let’s teach them how to get their hands dirty!

For the D.I.Y.-minded, we recently found the following video that describes our vision beautifully.  Please note:  Introducing non-native and habitat-inappropriate seeds into natural or abandoned areas would be irresponsible and could cause invasion by exotic species, loss of Native diversity, property damage, and other problems.  Please choose plants very carefully if you decide to D.I.Y.!

*Copyright 2007, Patent Pending.