Regenerative Landscape Architecture

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Low-Maintenance Curb Appeal

While this retired widow waited for the season to change, she didn't need to do a lot of maintenance because of the right landscaping..

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Edible Native Plants

This city employee wanted to pluck fresh produce from her yard.

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Creative Irrigation

This family's home sat atop a steep slope, giving us the opportunity to let gravity water their plants.

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Retiring In Eco-Style

This former psychologist wanted a peaceful place to collect her thoughts and drown out the noise of the nearby freeway.

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Easy Maintenance + Privacy

This new family needed privacy, parkway camping prevention, and low-maintenance landscaping.

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Hodgepodge Fix

This couple had attempted permaculture without a plan.

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Driveway Redesign

These new parents were looking for more outdoor space, so we took over the driveway.

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Taking Entertaining to a New Level

This family didn't have enough space in their tiny yard to have their friends over comfortably.

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Retreat Center

Two families created a retreat center on 55 acres.

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A Connected Family

This design connected disparate, unused spaces so parents and children felt closer.

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Education Gardens

Kids in the after-school program at Buckman Elementary helped build the Native and Sunrise gardens we designed.

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