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Lawn Garden Services that Increase Value While Reducing Cost and Maintenance

Image: Increase property value with professional curb appeal landscaping.Housing market trends in many desirable areas nowadays make for stiff competition to buy.  If you are fortunate to own a house or want to sell, professional lawn garden services can raise your property value 15%!

Why Our Lawn Garden Services Stand Out

If you are like most people, you put a lot of money, time, and social anxiety into your front yard.  Not only does your yard say a lot about you, but your neighbors want you to do a good job maintaining it.  Keeping up with the Jones’ can mean regular mowing, watering, and fertilizing, and that means a higher water bill, fuel costs, and potentially toxic (and expensive) fertilizers and other products.

We approach lawn garden services in a completely new way focused on low-maintenance, sustainability, and beauty.

Did you know you can have a gorgeous lawn your neighbors will love too but that you don’t have to mow or water?

Every one of our customers has told us that they had no idea this was possible.  They always ask, “why isn’t everyone doing this?”  We couldn’t agree more.  It’s because most people don’t know how to do it.  We have designed dozens of properties, and we know anyone can have a wonderful lawn without the costs to their wallet, family, or the environment.  We are excited to help you make the transition and be able to tell your neighbors all about it..

Fill Out A New Project Questionnaire

For any project, we always get started by having new and prospective clients fill out our landscape questionnaire.  Your answers give our design team an initial idea of the scope of your project.  Whether you will benefit from curb-appeal focused lawn garden services or creating a long-term edible oasis for generations, once we receive your answers, we will follow-up with you via email and/or phone to set up a site visit.

image: lawn garden services site visitWalking your property with you, we each get to ask and answer questions while our site specialist sketches and takes pictures.  She’ll take the site analysis back to our design studio to start work on your property design.

In addition to your on-site meeting, all lawn garden services project image: lawn garden services design presentation meetingspackages include at least one presentation meeting.  Larger packages include at least two presentation meetings.  You can review the services packages here, or your designer will work with your specific needs to  match you to the type that best serves your goals.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you!

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You can download the PDF  HERE if you prefer not to fill it out above.  Email your answers to jadene (at) ecologiclandscape (dot) com.

Provide Any Supplemental Documents

If required, please e-mail scanned copies of HOA documents as attached .pdf or .jpg files.  Email to jadene (at) ecologiclandscape (dot) com.

If available please provide:  Existing Site Measurements, Blueprints, Survey, Aerial Photos, Contour Map, Architectural Drawings, or Legal Description.

Please let us know if you have hard copies that need to be mailed.