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Portland Real Estate Market:  Now Is the Time to Increase Value

Image: Increase property value in today's Portland real estate market.With the Portland real estate market bubble of 2016, property is at a premium here in bridge town.  If you are lucky enough to own a house or are about to close or sell, a professional landscape design can raise your property value 15%!

Fill Out A New Project Questionnaire

We always get started by having new and prospective clients fill out our landscape questionnaire.  Your answers give our design team an initial idea of the scope of your project.  Once we receive your answers, we will follow-up with you via email and/or phone to set up a site visit.  Walking your property with you, we each get to ask and answer questions while our designer sketches and takes pictures.  She’ll take the site analysis back to our design studio and start work on your design.  All project packages include at least one presentation meeting.  Larger packages include at least two presentation meetings.  We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you!

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You can download the PDF  HERE if you prefer not to fill it out above.  Email your answers to jadene (at) ecologiclandscape (dot) com.

Provide Any Supplemental Documents

If required, please e-mail scanned copies of HOA documents as attached .pdf or .jpg files.  Email to jadene (at) ecologiclandscape (dot) com.

If available please provide:  Existing Site Measurements, Blueprints, Survey, Aerial Photos, Contour Map, Architectural Drawings, or Legal Description.

Please let us know if you have hard copies that need to be mailed.

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