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A Landscape Planner With Years of Experience Working Remotely

Image: we work remotely in all states.Every project is unique, and so are you. That is one of the reasons why we love our work!  We are a landscape planner with experience working on projects in many states, and our customers have all expressed satisfaction with our process.

To make things simple, we have created an efficient way of working with you if you live farther than an hour or so outside Ashland, Oregon.  Don’t be intimidated, it’s rather simple; anyone can do it!  You just need an internet connection to join design meetings and be able to record basic observations about your property.  That’s it!  You probably already sit outside most weekends and do that anyway.  Now just put what you notice on paper, and let our experts do the rest!

Our design package provides you with a professional Master Plan for your property.  Designs consider HOA requirements and the information you provide.  Supporting documentation, like recommended steps of phasing in your project, consider layers of information to guide you in having your new landscape installed smoothly.

Take Advantage of Our Remote Landscape Planner Process

To work with us from a national or international location, grab a tape measure, a camera, and your favorite beverage to get started.  Most importantly, doing a few simple tasks yourself keeps your project cost low!  Please see below for instructions.

Remote Design Packages

Landscape Design Package:
One to Two OnImage: a good landscape planner works with client needs.line Design Meetings, Large-Scale CAD Drawing Set with Images.

Permaculture Design Package:
Two to Three OnImage: choose a landscape planner with happy clients.line Design Meetings, Large-Scale CAD Drawing Set with Images.

Remote Landscape Planner Process Instructions:


1. Fill out the  questionnaire HERE to let us know you want to get started and provide us with important initial information about your project.  You can also download a PDF of the questionnaire and email it to us at jadene (at) ecologiclandscape (dot) com.

2. Measure your site and take photos.  Many properties have already been surveyed.  If you don’t already have these documents, you can send us your own site sketch with measurements.  Please include photos as .PDF or .JPG files or request our mailing address to use regular mail.  The sketch you do doesn’t need to be fancy ~ it only needs to communicate what is currently on your property and be readable.  Take photos from every perspective of the property, for example south, north, west, and east.

See below for instructions on making a simple site sketch.

3. Optional:  If you would like to share images you’ve collected from magazines or websites, feel free to submit these and contact us to talk about your inspirations.  This can be a fun way for you to engage more deeply with your project and provide a basis for sharing your needs and wishes with us.


4. We will contact you once we have reviewed your project, usually within a few days, and send you a partial payment request via our secure Paypal site.  At this time we will also set up two to three web conference appointments, typically spanning a few weeks or months, depending on project scale and your timeline.  Flexibility is important to us, and we will work around your schedule.

5. Web conference meetings will consist of an initial 1 or 2 working meetings in which you can see and discuss our creative solutions to your site’s issues and we can arrive together at a place of agreement on the direction of the design.

6. A final meeting will allow us to present your master plans to you.

7. You’ll receive .PDF files of your plans.  These will be large-format and easy and inexpensive to print at your local printing & reprographics center.

8. We encourage you to send us feedback via our website or through an email. We care about your experience with us and seek to improve our practice through quality customer relations.

9. Optional:  When you have completed your project installation, we will feature your photos on our website!


You will be measuring your property so that we can create an
accurately scaled base map in AutoCAD.  TAKING SITE MEASUREMENTS is a simple process, or you may wish to hire a surveyor to do this for you.

Please print clearly, but do not worry about being an artist.  Our landscape planning department will contact you if we have any questions.  It’s okay for your sketch to appear off-scale, as long as it has thorough labeling.  For example, “14’x17′ foot deck, three steps off ground” works for us.

Key Things to Include In Your Sketch:

• Location of windows & doors, width of windows.
• Location, size, and material of what you want to keep, like pathways, steps, water features, arbors or trellises, and walls or patios.
• Indicate areas that should not be considered in the design with a big X.
• Measure the outside walls of the house first. This is the ‘footprint’ of your home.  You can round to the nearest six inches.
• Note the direction of north with an arrow.
• Measure from your house to the edges of your property, to the North, South, East, & West.  This establishes the perimeter.
• Note areas of shadow and sunshine. For example, is the area beside your entry typically dark all day?
• Note any drainage issues, such as a soggy front lawn by circling the area & writing ‘drainage problem’ inside your circle.
• Note all slopes with an arrow pointing down & note ‘steep’ or ‘shallow.’
• Indicate nice views that we may enhance and protect and undesirable views or privacy concerns that we should screen.  Use lines to make a pie slice with the pointy end at the house.
• If there are noise or other issues that we should know about, label these with an elliptical shape & arrows, for instance a freeway.
• Scan as a .PDF or .JPG file and attach your site map to an email or send it via snail mail ~ please ask us for our address!
• Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our Landscape Planner program. We are here for you.

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