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Take Classes Online: Learn Permaculture

Learn About Permaculture Without Getting a Design Certificate You Won’t Use:  Take Classes Online

image: take classes online to learn permacultureAt the request of my clients, I have developed this course for home study to allow people interested in permaculture to take classes online.  With an abundance of permaculture design certification courses being offered, there are few if any classes devoted to those who don’t actually have the desire to become permaculture designers.

Many folks just want to understand how to manage and care for their land or lot.  Whether you are managing or developing a property, or you want to learn about permaculture without getting a design certificate you won’t use, this course is designed to provide you with a variety of specific tools for better living on your property.  You will find something in this online class to help you increase your property value and make your life easier.

Yes, that’s right, a well-done landscape raises your property value by up to 15%. 

Learn about permaculture without having to get a design certificate you won’t use.

Permaculture for Land Managers:
image: take classes online to learn permaculture for land managementTake classes online to become a savvy user of permaculture without the extra weight of changing careers or coming out of retirement to compete in a saturated market.  Study at your own pace to complete ten modules covering the essentials of permaculture.

Assignments are tailored to the homeowner and include:

  • readings
  • diagrams
  • printable posters
  • integrated projects
  • Q&A

Detailed modules cover:

  • Ethics & Principles
  • Elemental Flows & Pattern Recognition
  • Zones & Sectors
  • Soil & Compost
  • Plants & Guilds
  • Insects, Amphibians, & Animals
  • Natural Capital
  • Yields & Cash Crops
  • Social Capital

You will also complete a Final Project that brings together all you have learned.

Choose your preferred option below to start taking classes online:

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image: take classes online and learn permaculture10-Module Course $1,000
delivered weekly, Q&A included with professional instructor, final project.

Click this option to take one module at a time.

image: take classes online and learn permacultureIndividual Module $100
delivered anytime, complete at your own pace, Q&A included with professional instructor, final project optional.

Permaculture has the power to stabilize global climate.

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